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Magister Manajemen in Applied Business Analytics (MMABA) is an 18-months magister manajemen program offering a new approach dedicated to the professionals in a challenging business environment. This program is designed to equip students with the sensibility to discover problem-solving through data analytic skills to explore the big data and decode it into comprehensive information for strategic decision making. The students will acquire a combination of creative & analytical skills, comprehensive management tools, and real business experience.

A 360 Degree Approach

MMABA is composed of three pillars of learning process: understanding fundamental concepts, mastering creative and analytical skills, as well as experiencing business practice. The program shapes the student to have a systematic thinking process by delivering the knowledge of management concepts and tools to solve the problem comprehensively. Analytical skill is built through data-based problem identification to provide an effective solution. The students are going into a real experience by doing an improvement project in a company.

Curriculum (Total Credit: 36):



Data-Driven Organization
Managerial Accounting
Business Process framework

Trimester 1

Business Analytics Methods
Data-Driven Marketing
Financial Analytics

Trimester 2

Big Data
Operation Modeling
Human Capital Analytics

Trimester 3

Business Intelligence
Strategic Analytics
Business Perfomance Management

Trimester 4

Business Model Innovation
Business Analytics Project Proposal

Trimester 5

Business Analytics Project

Tuition Fee 2020/2021

Registration Fee

Rp 500.000 (non refundable and can not be transferred for the next admission term schedule)

Commitment Fee

Rp. 5.000.000.- (non refundable, payable once after passing the admission test to reserve a place in MM Program).

Tuition Fee

Total = Rp 131.250.000


Tuition fee for Program Commencement in May 2021

Including: dinner / snacks.

Excluding: textbooks, parking, locker, printer facility at the Business Centre (PM Store) and Study Abroad (elective subject).

MM Applied Business Analytics Program Candidates who pass the selection tests are required to pay the Commitment Fee for the confirmation as MM student. Commitment fee must be paid no later than the date specified on the acceptance letter and it is a part of the total tuition fee.

Students of MM Applied Business Analytics will be placed in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya BSD Campus

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