Prasetiya Mulya Publishing > book > International Best Practice in Event Management oleh David W. G. Hind, Maria Arlene T. Disimulacion, Karen Fernandez, Kuan-Wen Eric Lin, Anukrati Sharma, dan Peni Zulandari Suroto
Tahun terbit:2019
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“If you want to uplift your career as an event manager in the global events industry, this book will be a trusted friend and a powerful tool in helping your work to meet the international best practice standard.

Written as a practical book on events management with a writing style that is as reader-friendly as possible, this book covers all aspect of staging an event—preparing, planning, developing a business plan, designing the concept, selecting the venue, managing health, safety, security and emergencies at the event, managing people at the event, and evaluating the success of the event.

The contents of this book have been aligned to the national occupational standards for the United Kingdom’s events industry. Thus, this book offers the reader not only a relevant best practice book, but also the current one for their professional reference.”