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With the rise of the technology, it is no doubt there are many innovations that help to simplify our life, including online shopping. Prior the existence of e-commerce, we are required to go to the shops to buy our needs. E-commerce is a transaction of buying or selling online that makes us of technologies. When we talk about e-commerce, we may notice some of these forms: online shopping web sites and online marketplaces. Blibli.com is an example of growing e-commerce companies taking the form of online marketplace. We want you to meet Intan Paramita (Finance 2008) who was the Senior Operation Project Management in PT. Global Digital Niaga (blibli.com). Let’s learn about her career journey and her perspective on the industry.


Intan and Prasetiya Mulya

Intan grew up in Solo, Central Java and she was aspired to study business after high school. She became aware of Prasetiya Mulya in her school’s education fair. Intan then discussed it with her family and she was more assured when her mother was well acquainted with our school during her tenure in bank.


Intan subsequently took part in the admission test and to her surprise she was entitled to scholarship selection. Her hard work resulted in receiving partial scholarship. She no longer doubted her choice and she enrolled to our school. When she was required to choose a concentration, she decided on Finance yet her interest in business never dies therefore she picked Business Plan for her final project.


“Going to Prasetiya Mulya meant going away from Solo. I had to make big changes including living away from my parents. Adapting to the learning process wasn’t so hard but the difference that pushed me to change was related to the culture. I was shy and I have to learn to change.”


Intan has positive impression for her studying years in Prasetiya Mulya. She admitted there was a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. It benefits her in the working world because not all theory she gained in campus is applicable. The other would be the culture. Intan was accustomed to presenting her assignments and working under pressure. She emphasized that presentation skill is highly useful for work.


Four years in campus means creating memories. Every experience we went through will have impact to our future no matter how small it is. For Intan, creating business during her study was the most memorable experience. “We know that most youngsters are not thinking of creating a business unless they are forced to. I am grateful for this experience because it is important to have entrepreuneurship within us. I remember that my Business Plan was flower bouquet. I learned to find the supplier, choosing the flowers, and making the bouquet. I also understand the dynamic of working with other people.”


During her study, Intan took part in choir and initiated hip hop dance as student activity club. Being a part of an organization taught her about teamwork. She feels the whole learning experience in campus benefits her in her career. She explained that she becomes tougher facing challenges and she learned to be more logical. Having these traits allow her to question what she is asked to do and provide suggestions. In addition, she becomes quicker to understand what she has to do. Intan added that it will show at work those who are accustomed with team work and who are individualists.


Deciding on Learning Foreign Language after Graduation

Getting closer to graduation, Intan has been weighing her options: work or study foreign language. She is aspired to work professionally in multinational companies. She kept her options open by taking part in Talent Fair. Unfortunately, the offers that she received didn’t meet her expectation.


“I wanted to learn Mandarin abroad because I know that China is growing fast. Since we won’t know what the future brings, it is best to be prepared. Who knows one day we have to trade with the Chinese? We wouldn’t want to have language barrier with them.”


She decided to learn In Shanghai and Guangzhou because she wanted real cultural experience and learn about foreign trade from China. She will be forced to use the language in her daily life and can learn about market in China. The biggest impact in her language course is networking. She expanded her network with fellow Indonesian students. Intan explained that learning Chinese helps to get her first career.


Intan’s Career Journey

As we know, Intan wanted to work in big multinational companies. Prior leaving to China, she went through the recruitment process of some companies as a continuation of the process in Talent Fair. Though she preferred studying after graduation, she actually received another career opportunity from Wings when she was still in China. Regretfully, she informed them that she hasn’t finished her study and explained that she would return the next year. Intan was surprised to get another call from Wings when she was back in the country.


The recruitment process took about one month. She underwent psychological test and interview with user. She passed all the stages and she accepted the offer. Intan then moved again to Jakarta from Solo. She was assigned in the Support Raw Material Department. She explained, “My work is related with import raw material for the food division. All the raw materials are imported so I was the connecting hub between supplier and manufacturer, our factories in this matter. What I do was basically assisting the shipment, from make a purchase order until payment, and in charge all of import government matter.”


Unfortunately, business was slow. She became bored since her work felt the impact of the condition. She then realized she wasn’t passionate with her work. She wanted more challenges. At that time, Intan noticed that e-commerce is beginning to rise since 2013. She looked for an opportunity to work in start-up companies. “I must say that the decision is up to each individual. As for me, I’m not comfortable in an established company because the job descriptions are clear. It is less challenging compared to growing companies.”


Her opportunity to work in a start-up company opened up when her friend told her there is job vacancy in blibli.com. She had no doubt and submitted her resume. Intan explained that the recruitment process was longer than Wings. Blibli.com doesn’t put much attention to educational background for non strategic positions. Intan added that not only she took the psychological test, she was interviewed with several users. Once she passed, she has to undergo medical check-up too. The process took about a month.


In December 2014, Intan became Promotions Specialist in Blibli.com. She worked under Operational Project Management that takes care of all projects in the operation division. Her team was relatively small. “My work was highly related with marketing team. They will initiate a promotion and they give it to our division. We responsible to ensure the operational implementation of the program running properly, not to mention, also have exposure to different units by coordinating along with other division to develop any operational flow for the program. We have to think of the standard operating procedure (SOP) of all the promotions from coordinating with warehouse, logistic and customer service team. In this division, I was in charge of the fashion category. Besides making SOP, I also provided suggestion for the promotion’s program, flow, terms and conditions.” Intan started having new responsibility to manage new warehouse and export import last year.


In regard to professional world, the applicable hard skill depends on the position. Although she majored in Finance, she feels her business knowledge is highly useful. Intan perceives soft skills play bigger role at work. Intan added that having strong logic and business sense will help you too.


Promotion scheme differs in each company. Intan explained that blibli.com has not have a clear career path remembering that it is still growing. Despite that, she feels her company values their staff higher than other company in the industry.


E-Commerce Industry from Intan’s Point of View

We must be aware that digital industry becoming sexier for future graduates. The appeal of this industry for Intan is the challenge. “In my opinion, working in e-commerce can be very challenging but it is what I was looking for. It is very interesting and we can learn many things. We can’t deny this is how the future looks like. Compared to working in multinational companies, I can say that we have different view and knowledge because we also learn about offline business, not just about e-commerce. In other words, it is more enriching in terms of knowledge.”


Intan explained about e-commerce. Blibli.com is a marketplace who owns warehouses but there are other online marketplaces that don’t have their own warehouse. The business process must be different. Where Intan used to work, there are people offering to sell their products through consignment and store them in the warehouse. Between these two marketplaces, the business model is also different. “In Blibli, we select the products that we can sell because they have to register and pass the QC process. Then our IT team is responsible for the web, commercial team will look for the goods and then go to export import should the need arises.”


It is no longer a secret that working culture in digital industry and e-commerce is flexible, including their working hours. It also allows the staff to work remotely. With the rise of this industry, the career opportunity is still good. They are very open with fresh graduates especially for entry level. Yet Intan reminds us that we have to be able to learn fast if we decide to work in this industry. “Just remember that you have to perform well because start-up company will think twice to keep you if you don’t perform. In addition, if you want to work in digital or e-commerce, you must be someone who dares to take a risk. You must be logical with strong calculation because we need to make decision based on data. One more thing, I think it is better to learn deeper about Microsoft Excel because it will tremendously help you to process data.”


Intan’s Words of Advice

Having three years of experience, Intan still dreams of having her own business. At the moment, she begins to help managing the family business. Besides that, she told us she is very passionate to make a business related with Batik for foreign market.


Intan has been paving her career and she feels that the difference between campus life and professional world lies on workload and responsibility. She explained that the impact if we work halfheartedly will be big to others and the business while if we’re lazy when we’re in campus, the effect will be on us: bad grades. Therefore, she emphasized the importance of maximizing the four years in campus. “No matter how bad you’re looking for good grades, you must take part in organization. It is very important. I have interviewed several candidates and most of them are lacking of that. You also have to sharpen your logical thinking. I would like to add that use your free time doing internship. These experiences will improve your soft skill and you will be considered experienced.”

PT. Global Digital Niaga (Blibli.com) Senior Operation Project Management December 2014 - July 2017
PT. Sayap Mas Utama (Wingscorp) Import section staff - Purchasing Raw Material April 2014 - September 2014
Prasetiya Mulya Business School Tutor for Introduction to Economics, Microeconomics, and Statistic for Undergraduates Students March 2012 - January 2013
Kucing Goyang

Selling a traditional food called “Nasi Kucing” or modern “angkringan” in Bintaro 9 walk.

Became finalist of COO of the year in Prasetiya Mulya Business School Business Development Award.

Human Resource Manager, Operation Manager, and Finance staff February 2010 - September 2010
PT. Djarum tbk Internship Marketing Reseacrher January 2009 - February 2009


1st Runner Up Strategic Management Competition
Prasetiya Mulya
1st Runner Up Internal Scholarship Competition
Prasetiya Mulya
1st Runner Up Internal Scholarship Competition
Prasetiya Mulya
Finalist COO of the year - Business Development Award
Prasetiya Mulya
2nd Runner Up Internal Scholarship Competition
Prasetiya Mulya