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Prepare Yourself for The First Call...
Article since : 23 March 2016

HRD PT Media Group (HRD): “Good day. May I speak to Vanya?”
Vanya (V): “This is she. May I know who is calling?”
HRD: “I’m from PT Media Group. I would like to inform you that you have an interview schedule with us on Thursday, tomorrow at 3 p.m., fourth floor. You will be interviewed with Miss Saras.”
V: “Oh. Ok, Sir. Thank you.”

Vanya was in a rush because she had to get things done. She hanged up as soon as possible. Five minutes later, she realized she already had an appointment with her professor to discuss her final assignment. Her professor was known very busy and strict, not the students’ favorite. Vanya tried to call back but it was a hunting number. She felt uneasy because she already agreed upon the date of interview.

Above scenario must be familiar for some of you. It is the common problem faced by students or fresh graduates when receiving the first call for interview. So, what do you have to prepare?

What you must keep in mind after you sent your résumé to a company is you always have to be ready for a call to continue the selection process. It can be psychological test or interview. Trying to secure your first job may also mean that you send your résumé to different companies. It is highly advised that you keep note of the companies’ name and the positions applied. It will help you to identify the call from recruiter.

Getting a call from unknown number to your mobile phone can trigger mixed feelings. You don’t recognize the number but as someone who is still looking for a job, you wonder and hope that it would be ‘the call.’ It will be an unexpected call but you don’t want to sound annoyed. Make sure when you answer the call it is at a convenient time for you. If it is inconvenient, for example you are driving, you can ask them politely to call back later. Have your note and pen ready because you need to take notes about the following:

1. Interview Schedule

Be very careful in writing down the interview schedule. You have to minimize the risk of going to an interview at a wrong date. When they call and give you the schedule, do not just agree/confirm any given date or time, it is always better for you to have your calendar to ensure you don’t have other appoinment at the same day and time. If you already have prior engagement and you can’t reschedule it because of its high importance, inform the recruiter politely and request for another date. If your earlier plan is not too important and can be changed to other date, confirm your availability to the caller. You have to remember that it is also complicated for companies in arranging an interview because they need to adjust the availability of the interviewer.

2. Venue

For fresh graduates, interview usually takes place in the company’s office. If you know that the company you applied to has branch office or factory, you have to make sure where they will conduct the selection test and/or interview. Don’t forget to ask the exact floor because most companies are tenants in a building. For psychological test, some companies may organize it at their office or at their consultant’s office. But for interview, it is generally in the office. If you are not familiar to the location mentioned, do not hesitate to ask the recruiter about the location. Plan your transportation arragement ahead of the schedule.

3. Objective

When you receive the call notifying you about the next recruitment phase, you need to ask what will be done on the process. It could be psychological test, interview or other process like focused-group discussion (FGD) and presentation. Whatever process you are invited to, don’t forget to ask what stationery you need bring, what you need to prepare and how long the process will take.

4. Contact Person and Interviewer's name

Since you have been contacted, don’t forget to ask whether you will meet with the contact person or directly to the interviewer. Some companies might require you to meet a representative from the HR Department or the secretary of the interviewer. You are allowed to ask the details about the interviewer, starting with the name and the correct spelling, the position and division. It is best to google your future interviewer

At the end of the phone call, you need to repeat all the given information to ensure that you get it all correctly. Don’t forget to say thank you.

There are other ways to contact you. Companies may send you a text message or email. So, check your phone and email inbox every day. Last but not least, don’t forget to confirm to them and thank them for the opportunity.

Prepare yourself and enjoy the process…

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