Riset Eksternal – Luar Negeri Tahun 2018

No Nama Peneliti Judul Penelitian Skema Penelitian/ Pemberi Dana
1 Faisal Amri Tanjung
Yalun Arifin
Bridgid Chin Lai Fui
Preparation of Well-Defined Architecture Cellulose Nanowhisker Reinforced Chitosan-G-Polylactic Acid Nanocomposites Via Atomic Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP) In An Ionic Liquid Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) MOHE Malaysia
2 Yudi Samyudia
Herri Susanto
Research and Demonstration of Waste to Clean Energy Technology in Typical Southeast Asian Countries Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology
3 Nurmalia Ultrasonic Ndt For Evaluation of Tropical Fruits TWAS-COMSTECH Research Grant, The World Academy of Sciences
4 AP Dr. Haslinda Zabiri
Yudi Samyudia
An Integrated Online Control Valve Stiction Diagnosis and Compensation In A Hybrid Model Predictive Controller Framework Ministry of Science and Technology, Malaysia

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