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Registration Procedure

How to Register

Step 2

Click New Account


Step 3

Create an account with a valid email address and click “Register”


Step 4

Check your email and activate your account


Step 5

Login to your new account, select the test Pathway/Achievement Pathway, and choose your majors (1 and 2) by also indicating the city and location for the test


Step 6

Check email to get your new BCA virtual account (VA) number and settle any required payment to that VA account


Step 7

Check email that verifies your payment and get your username, password, and registration voucher code (within 1 × 24 hours); verify the account via the emailed link.


Step 8

Login to complete your data and document requirements (including a 3×4 color photo and copies of ID card and Family Card (KK) or passport


Step 9

Check email to get your test card (within 1 × 24 hours)


Step 10

Print the test card to bring to the test venue

Library Service

Our vast library provide the student with collection of books and digital journals including Pro-Quest, Science Direct, Emerald Insight which can be accessed for free.

Study Abroad

The International Office facilitates students to study overseas to obtain international experience, broaden business knowledge, and create networks by making new friends from different backgrounds and cultures.

Study Programs

Prasetiya Mulya Bachelor and Master program has attained the status of a program of choice among Indonesian high-school students and their parents.

Learning Center

Learning Center provides support services for students to help them improve their talents and academic achievements and maximize their non-academic potential.

Test Schedule

Test Location

AskPrasmul Schedule

Online Registration Period

Online Registration Deadline

Document Submission Deadline

Online Admission Test

Online Test
Term 8

19 - 23 Apr 2021

4 May 2021

2 Jun 2021

3 Jun 2021

6 Jun 2021

Test Fee Payment

  1. Test fee to any SBE or STEM program is IDR 500,000. The fee allows a candidate to choose 2 majors from within 1 school (SBE or STEM) or 2 majors across 2 schools (e.g. 1 major at SBE and 1 other major at STEM).
  2. Test fee payment is to be made via a bank transfer to a Virtual Account (VA).
  3. Test fee payment is considered valid once all requirements are completed successfully within the specified deadline.

The Entry Test

After the registration and payment process is completed, the participant will be emailed his or her Entry Test ID Number that must be shown during the test. Information on the date and location of the Entry Test test can be checked here: Prasetiya Mulya Admission.

Online Registration Tutorial

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SMS/WA: 0813-1844-6610 or 0813-8700-0351

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