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Rector of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Prof. Dr. Djisman S. Simandjuntak


Hopeful of a good year of 2018 I gladly send words of greeting to our students, alumni, high-school students, and their parents, employers of diverse kinds as well as the entire internal service workforce of Prasetiya Mulya University. Recognizing the success stories of Prasetiya Mulya’s alumni, upward trend in the number of graduates and enrollment of new students to the School of Business and Economics and the School of Applied STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as the growth in human capital and physical capital Prasetiya Mulya University is well equipped to thrive in the enormously shifting global higher education environment.

Coincident with its full-fledged elevation into a university Prasetiya Mulya is undergoing a process of reinvention. With the School of Business and Economics and School of Applied STEM under one roof  learning at Prasetiya Mulya is evolving as a collaborative transdisciplinary undertaking, however painstaking it may be to get such transdisciplinarity to get to fruition. At the same time Prasetiya Mulya is seeking to serve increasingly as part of the solution to Indonesia’s perennial entrepreneurial handicap. Processes such as research, students’ involvement in entrepreneurship-centered community development, critical class-interactions, internships, and team-based business conceptualization and implementation are made the key feature of Prasetiya Mulya’s learning by enterprising with a view to bringing Prasetiya Mulya closer to fulfilling its original mission of serving as a habitat for entrepreneur creation and advancement.

In a seamlessly connected life progress requires a multiplicity of partnership. Extensive and continuously reinvigorated partnerships with higher education institutions from around the world are needed for academic excellence. Prasetiya Mulya has, therefore, widened the coverage of its cooperation network to the wider East Asia, North America and the rest of the world. Likewise, success in converting ideas into commercially useful products and services necessitates partnership with a complex web of entrepreneurship-related institutions, including business enterprises and their associations, venture institutions and other elements of the innovation value chain. Hence, links have been strengthened with enterprises from diverse industries.

With the architecture of learning by enterprising Prasetiya Mulya University and its owning institution, Prasetiya Mulya Foundation, have worked very hard in the last two years to establish and nurture an edifice of university learning which in the foreseeable future is expected to help strengthen knowledge-based businesses in Indonesia. Reflecting the commitment to advancing business as an indispensable ingredient to Indonesia’s progression to a decent and deserved place in the community of informed nations Prasetiya Mulya has invested heavily in human capacity including a whole new team of STEM faculties, physical hardware such as laboratory building and state-of-the-art and business-creation friendly laboratory system,  and software, including an SAP ERP and SLCM.

There is no short cut to a beautiful learning. I nevertheless as rector hope that the ongoing learning by enterprising and the complex works that go into it would serve as a wing to our students in their journey to craft a human capital edge in the boundless world of innovative learning of the 21st Century.

Prof. Dr. Djisman S. Simandjuntak

Rector, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya