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S1 Business Economics Universitas Prasetiya Mulya (In English)

Creating Data-Driven Decisions

Dynamic. Strategic. Applicative.

As the global economy grows, environmental issues and privatization, business activities are expanding and complex. This causes each company to require innovative business strategies.

With the growing complexity of the business, the role of the economist is not only required as a public policymaker but also as part of the business decision-making process based upon knowledge and skills in economics.

Therefore, the University of Prasetiya Mulya presents a Business Economics course designed to answer the needs of companies of experts who can apply economic theory into business practices and take advantage of opportunities in the future.

To be an undergraduate program of study that is reputable in the field of business economics at the regional level through education and research to contribute to making the business world more inclusive and sustainable.


  • To conduct quality education in the field of business economics in theory, methodology and application.
  • To execute research that contributes to the development of science in the field of economics that can be applied in the development of the business world.
  • To undertake community service based on an inclusive and sustainable business economics.
  • To collaborate with educational institutions, business, and government both at home and abroad related to the development and learning of business economics.
  • To strife in internationalization endeavors in education and research in business economics.
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Why Study Business Economics

The growing need for analysts and corporate economists, both at home and abroad, has resulted in much-sought business graduates. In the course of Business Economics, students will acquire comprehensive knowledge of economics and can directly apply it to assist the business decision-making process.

In the S1 Business Economics program, students will learn how to apply Economic theories to solve business problems. Also, they will learn how to analyze and forecast the world’s economic situation and economic issues that can influence or impact strategic business decisions. In order to better prepare graduates for the global working environment, the program will use English as the language of instruction throughout the program. Students are also equipped with soft skills and hard skill certifications.



Semester 1
Mini Business Economics Workshop

Semester 2
Mini Business Economics Conference


Semester 3
Business Creation and Development

Semester 4
Applied Business Analysis


Semester 5
SIMBIZ for Business Economics

Semester 6
Community Development Project II


Semester 7
Business Economics Workshop

Semester 8
Business Economics Conference

Graduate of this Program

Graduates of Business Economics courses are prepared to be both business analysts and economists at large companies both at home and abroad. In addition, graduates can work as consultants, researchers, entrepreneurs, professionals in governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Providing graduates with an ability to synthesize economics and business concepts with strong quantitative skills that can be applied in modern businesses.

CORE KNOWLEDGE: economics and business knowledge
Apart from the core knowledge, the graduates will also be provided with neighboring disciplines that enable them to use a heterodox approach in applying economics concepts for businesses such as energy engineering, environmental science, food technology, digital technology, and psychology. These disciplines will also give the graduates a broader perspective in economics and business.

Future Career

Chief Economist, Corporate Economist, Business Consultant, Strategic Analyst, Development Analyst, Business Economics Professionals, Forecasting Analyst, Trade Analyst, Economic Modelling Analyst, Risk Strategy Analyst, Analytics Associate, Economic Research Analyst, Business Analyst, etc.


  • Business Economics is a platform for my self-improvement. I learned the importance of teamwork and how to process data meaningfully. During my study, i also got the exchange opportunity to China where I could meet new people from various background and brainstromed ideas for youth countibution to the society.

    Kathryn Nabasa
    Business Economics Student Batch 2017 - AIESEC Global Volunteer 2018
  • Business economics is a program that can be characterized by one word – holistic. It incorporates the theoretical and the practical together to create a versatile economist that is adept in business and commerce.

    Joseph Adriel
    Business Economics Student Batch 2017 - National Winner of HSBC Business Case Competition 2018
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