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S1 Food Business Technology Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Food Technology Study Program - Food Innovation for Human Welfare

Food Business Technology undergraduate program (S1) offers a high-quality education to produce outstanding food technology graduates supported by business and entrepreneurial skills. The curriculum is designed following the guidelines of national and international food technology expert associations and aligned with industry needs and trends, strengthened by industry collaborations and Universitas Prasetiya Mulya network, cutting-edge laboratory facilities, and libraries that enhance student learning experiences.

This holistic approach prepares our students to apply the principles of food technology and business and synergistically combine these two fields to create technology-based food businesses aimed at producing innovative processes and superior food products (Smart Healthy Food) on an industrial scale.


To be the top center in the development of knowledge, technology and human resources are also global quality in Food Technology at the level of national and international in 2025 focusing on healthy food innovation, education and food safety, as well as food business technology.


  • To carry out a higher education to produce superior quality graduates of Food Technology supported by the business and entrepreneurship skills, philosophy of life long learning, and caring values - humility - achieving - integrity - non - discrimination (CHAIN).
  • To carry out research in food technology innovation focusing on healthy food products
  • To implement community services; education food hazard and contribution of food business development.


Department Contact Info

Marketing & Customer Relations

Kavling Edutown I.1 Jl. BSD Raya Utama
BSD City, Tangerang 15339

(021) 304 50 500 ext. 2001-2006
SMS/WA: 0815-1166-2005

Mon – Fri, 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.


Key Fact & Figure

  • Type:Bachelor (S1)
  • Degree:Sarjana Teknologi Pangan (S.T.P.)
  • Duration:4 Year
  • Language:Indonesia
  • Location:BSD Campus
  • Mode of Study:Full Time

Key Fact & Figure

Bachelor (S1)

Sarjana Teknologi Pangan (S.T.P.)

4 Tahun


Kampus BSD

Mode of Study:
Full Time

Why Study S1 Food Business Technology

S1 Food Technology is a 4-year program that covers the science and practical skill involved in the production, preservation, safety, and quality evaluation of foods. Students will learn how to analyze the characteristics of food, find new methods for new food products, and study ways to make processed foods safe and healthy. Moreover, students will learn various business principles needed in the industry.


Curriculum structure of Undergraduate of Food Business Technology is designed 144 credits which consists of subjects in science and technology, food science and technology, business and entrepreneurship, personal development (soft skills), a choice of interest, and a final project.

Year 1

Semester 1
Creativity and Technological Innovation
Business Mathematics
Computational Thinking
English Scientific Communication I
Personal Development

Semester 2
Introduction to Food Business Technology
Organic Chemistry
Applied Physics
Applied Mathematics
Food Microbiology
Critical Thinking and Research Skills
Reading and Writing
Community Development Project I

Year 2

Semester 3
Process Principles
Analytical Chemistry
Food Chemistry
Food Biochemistry
Food Safety and Sanitation
Civic Education

Semester 4
Food Material
Food Analysis
Food Processing Technology I
Nutrition and Metabolism
Market Research and Consumer Behaviour
Religion Study
Civilization and Pluralism

Year 3

Semester 5
Food Processing Technology II
Food Regulation
Quality Management
Biological Evaluation of Food Component
Sensory Evaluation
Packaging and Storage Technology
Food Business Creation

Semester 6
Food Plant Design
Financial Management
Food Business Development
Sustainable Food Industry
Research Methodology
English Scientific Communication II
Community Development Project II

Year 4

Semester 7
Internship/Work Integrated Learning (Co-Op)
Elective 1/Work Integrated Learning (Co-Op)
Elective 2/Work Integrated Learning (Co-Op)
Elective 3/Work Integrated Learning (Co-Op)

Semester 8
Final Project

Graduate of this Program

Food Technology graduates of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya have knowledge in the area of food technology, and also business, so they can choose to work in industry or open their own business in food and beverages. The increasing food and beverage sectors growth indicate the number of business opportunities and also jobs available for the graduates.

Future Career

Food Business Person, Food Technopreneur, Food Product Development, Food Health and Nutritionist, Consultant, Food Technologist, Food Quality Assurance, Food Analyst, Sensory Scientist, Food Chemist, Food Business Specialist, Community Nutritionist, Consumer Education Specialist, Food Production Manager, etc.


Undergraduate Food Technology do various strategic engagements with some food industries, such as PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, PT Nutrifood Indonesia, PT Sierad Produce Tbk, PT Vanadia Utama, Cimory, schools, universities and Government Corporations.

The cooperation is done Food Technology among others innovation new products development with micro, small and medium- scale (MSME) food businesses, Healthy Canteen Program with SMA Kristen Penabur Kota Wisata, Halal-certified MSME assistance with LPPOM MUI Banten Province and excellent research innovation collaboration with Curtin University, BPPT, Universidad de Granada, RMIT.

Faculty Member

Dr. Ihsan Iswaldi (Chair)
Fransisca Wijaya, M.P.
Purba Purnama, Ph.D.
Rike Tri Kumala Dewi, M.Si.

Abdi Christia, Stp, M.Sc.
Nurhayati, M.Si.
Riyan Anggriawan, Ph.D.
Dwining Putri Elfriede, M.P.

Dr. Ihsan Iswaldi (Chair)
Fransisca Wijaya, M.P.
Purba Purnama, Ph.D.
Rike Tri Kumala Dewi, M.Si.
Abdi Christia, Stp, M.Sc.
Nurhayati, M.Si.
Riyan Anggriawan, Ph.D.
Dwining Putri Elfriede, M.P.


  • I think joining the Food Business Technology program at Prasetiya Mulya University was the right choice. Not only are we taught from the perspective of food technology but also from a business standpoint. During my studies, I never got bored because the faculty members are kind, friendly, and know their students well. Plus, there’s a variety of elective courses available, both science and business-oriented, so you can tailor your studies to your passion.

    The most memorable experiences for me during my studies were during internships and the Thesis, where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the professional world. This allowed me to implement problem-solving skills through laboratory research and literature review, which have been very useful in my current job.

    Spraydry Technologist di PT Takasago Indonesia (Food Business Technology 2017)
  • Food Business Technology at Prasmul has made me a ready talent in the professional world through various programs, activities, and a supportive environment that shapes intrapreneurial skill sets. Over the course of 4 years, I’ve had many great experiences, such as building a food tech-based business for 2 semesters, interning at Alfamidi for 6 months, full support from faculty members during research projects for competitions, and exciting hands-on final projects at the end of each semester.

    I feel that during my studies at FBT Prasmul, there were many practical skills taught alongside theory as the foundation. In addition to technical skills, I’ve also developed soft skills like critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. The facilities and support are excellent, with access to international literature, comfortable classrooms, and cool labs!

    Project Management Supervisor at PT Pharos Indonesia (Food Business Technology 2018)

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