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MM New Ventures Innovation

A Distinctive Proposition

New Ventures Innovation (NVI) is a 18-months Magister Manajemen program dedicated to those who aspire to build startups–new ventures envisioned to grow rapidly and change the business landscape. NVI is a learning community designed to

  • Shape students’ mindset towards visioning businesses that bring far-reaching impact on people.
  • Foster students to be knowledge-based startup founders.
  • Equip students with the capabilities to nurture the vision into high-growth businesses.
  • Provide students with access to entrepreneurial ecosystems.

A Well-Rounded Approach

NVI is composed of six learning blocks that collectively build a rigorous program. New Venture Project is the nucleus of the program which provides the path to attaining entrepreneurial goals. To accomplish the projects, NVI equips the students with cutting-edge knowledge, practical and analytical skills, and entrepreneurial attitude from various types of learning modules: Foundation, Core and Electives, Workshops, and Personal Entrepreneurial-Leadership Development.

Apart from the learning modules, students are facilitated to engage in an entrepreneurial ecosystem, the InnovationHub. This engagement enables students to acquire access to extensive business networks.

INNOVATIONHUB is an overarching entrepreneurial ecosystem inhabited by various elements of business stakeholders: venture capitalists, founders, professionals, communities, etc. It is established to enable students, as founders, to meet the right people at different stages of the startup process (New Venture Project). InnovationHub orchestrates an array of entrepreneurial activities that encompasses: talks, public workshops, pitching, speed networking, community meetups, and innovation competitions. It embraces a wide range of facilities, e.g. a coworking space, the university’s facilities (library, classrooms, meeting rooms, Biztech innovation studios), and legal services.

Tuition Fee

Registration Fee

IDR 500,000 (non refundable and can not be transferred for the next admission term schedule)

Commitment Fee

IDR 5,000,000 (non refundable, payable once after passing the admission test to reserve a place in MM Program).

Tuition Fee

Total = IDR 145,000,000


Tuition fee for Program Commencement in October Intake (1 time every year).

Excluding: textbooks, parking, locker, printer facility at the Business Centre (PM Store) and Study Abroad (elective subject).

MM New Ventures Innovation Program Candidates who pass the selection tests are required to pay the Commitment Fee for the confirmation as MM student. Commitment fee must be paid no later than the date specified on the acceptance letter and is included in the total tuition fee.

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