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Indonesia in a Glance

As a member of ASEAN and the G-20, Indonesia is considered one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia who managed to submerge from Asian financial crisis. With its 270,6 million people, Indonesia possesses a massive market for business development. In 2016, the World Bank recorded Indonesia’s gross domestic product achieving US$3028 billion. This contributed to putting the country on the 8th place globally.

With the pandemic affecting most countries in the world, Indonesia is considered as relatively quick on its feet as it recovered and projected to have 5.1% GDP growth in 2022 according to the World Bank. However, the nation is still needing a line of firm, productive human capital development. For those reasons, Indonesia offers exhilarating chances for not only its citizens, but also international students to get a bigger exposure to a dynamic and competitive atmosphere in Asia.

About Prasetiya Mulya

As an educational institution that has been operated since 1982, Prasetiya Mulya has captured this pattern and been very well-prepared to encourage students to bring this opportunity into effective action. Additionally, beside those promising economic prospects, Indonesia consists of a multicultural society. Therefore, newcomers are very welcomed to interact with its unique local culture and business environment.

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Why Study at Prasetiya Mulya?

Prasetiya Mulya is one of the leading business schools in Indonesia. It was founded by a group of Indonesian prominent business people together with some outstanding national scholars, such as William Soerjadjaja, Eka Tjipta Widjaja, Liem Sioe Liong, Sofjan Wanandi, Harry Tjan Silalahi, Jusuf Wanandi, and so on. 

This long history has shaped Prasetiya Mulya to be well-prepared in capturing how the economy and business patterns work in Indonesia. Through this privilege and insight, we are strongly dedicated to encouraging our students to bring Indonesian massive market opportunities into real and effective business actions.

As time went by, Prasetiya Mulya realized that business and economics are supposed to grow in line with the advancement of science and technology. Therefore, in 2016, Prasetiya Mulya involved the study of Applied STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in their curricula.

Prasetiya Mulya is committed to creating impactful transformation for society through education, research, and community outreach. Thus, students in Prasetiya Mulya are prepared with a strong theoretical foundation, then they are encouraged to carry it out into real business projects, internships, research, community development, and exhibitions.

Moreover, Prasetiya Mulya consistently stimulates collaboration, both inside and outside the campus. We engage with the government, industry, and other educational institutions to boost the link between academic and practical competencies among students.

Living in Jakarta

Jakarta is a metropolitan city where business and trade beat in Indonesia. It is the centre where well-established companies operate and global companies open up their representative offices. Living in Jakarta offers wide-ranging opportunities for domestic and international students. It widens network connection which is very important for future careers as business professionals or entrepreneurs.


Prasetiya Mulya teams up with a number of international universities and reputable companies in Indonesia in order to strengthen our vision to create impactful transformation for human civilization, through the advancement of science and technology as well as the real contribution for industrial development. This collaboration enables students to attain a lot of opportunities for joint research, case study, internships, study abroad, and student exchange programmes.

Student Life at Prasetiya Mulya

Prasetiya Mulya emboldens students to participate actively, both in academic and non-academic aspects. To do so, Prasetiya Mulya has maintained a conducive learning environment to make students feel more confident and enjoyable to get involved.

  • Experience The Inclusivity
    Our students come from various regional, social, and cultural backgrounds. Consequently, all activities are carried out with reverence to the spirit of unity that embraces the nation’s plurality.  Specifically, upon entering their first year at the university, students are grouped randomly and assigned to several group projects in order to shatter the boundaries. 
  • Act It Out
    The implementation of knowledge is essential in every learning process. For this reason, we drive students to be enthusiastic to show their competencies outside the campus, through national and international competitions, annual exhibitions, case studies, company visits, and other challenging activities.
  • Study-Life Balance
    Learning process is not just about listening to the lectures. We believe that through various out-class activities, students can attain more soft skills, like leadership, creativity, interpersonal communication, and so on. Hence, we facilitate them to join a number of organizations, sports & arts clubs, as well as committees for some internal and external events. Moreover, these activities promote study-life balance, connection, and recreation.
  • Together, Better
    Since it was initiated, Prasetiya Mulya has highlighted the importance of collaboration. Now, this value is actualized through joint projects that involve students and faculty members from multidisciplinary backgrounds. STEM Preneur Center is the meeting point where they can collaborate with other stakeholders, like the government, investors, and industries to create and develop STEM-based enterprises.

Study Programmes

We offer two tailor-made undergraduate programmes for international students.

International Marketing

S1 International Marketing program is designed for those with a global mindset, high creativity, quick adaptability, analytical thinking, and comfortable in complex and challenging environments. Students are molded into quality International Marketers as all aspects of international marketing, including the social, cultural, and business environments in various countries, will be thoroughly discussed.

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Business Economics

With the increasingly connected global economy in the 21st century, companies need professionals who can analyze the complexity of the world’s economy and bring it into the context of business operations. In this program, students will learn how to apply macroeconomics theories to solve business problems. They will be able to analyze and forecast the world’s economic situation that can influence corporate strategic business decisions.

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Financial Technology

The rising technology usage within the business sectors opens up new possibilities in the startup, finance, and banking industries. This study program aims to balance the investment and new business relationships by creating future moguls in those mentioned industries. It implements a global-standard curriculum by integrating CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst ©) Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) in its learning process. Bloomberg Terminal is also incorporated to enable students to grasp complex concepts through practical application and immersion.

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Our graduates are spread across the region, whether as professionals in domestic and global companies, or as entrepreneurs in various sectors of business.  According to a survey conducted by Kantar Market Research in 2019, each year, about 64% Prasetiya Mulya graduates have been working before graduation, while 27% of them have become entrepreneurs. Additionally, 100% employers are satisfied with our graduates’ performance. 

Here are some enterprises that are initiated by Prasetiya Mulya’s graduates and some companies where they mostly work. 

BCG, Manulife, Beirsdorf, Maybank, CFLD, British American Tobacco, McKinsey, Mondelez, CIMB, Nestle, Citibank, Nielsen Company, Commonwealth Bank, OCBC NISP, Danone, Ogilvy, Deloitte, P&G, EY, PT Allianz, FWD Insurance Indonesia, PT Perfetti Van Melle Indonesia, Grab, PT Prudential Life Assurance, HM Sampoerna (Philip Morris), PWC, HSBC, PZCussons Asia, IKEA, Ramsay, Isentia, Samsung, Japan Tobacco International Indonesia, Schneider, Johnson & Johnson, Shopee, Keyence, Standard Chartered, Kimberly-Clark Softex, Tencent Indonesia, Kraft Heinz, Unilever, Lazada, Uniqlo, Lotter Shopping Avenue Indonesia, UOB.

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  • “Business Economics is a program that can be characterized by one word – holistic. It incorporates the theoretical and the practical together to create a versatile economist that is adept in business and commerce”

    Joseph Adriel
    Business Economics Student Batch 2017
    National Winner of HSBC Business Case Competition 2018
  • “Learning in Financial Technology Program is quite challenging. However, we get a unique experience in majoring in Financial Technology and minoring in Startup Valuation. While enrolling in this study program, we are given the opportunities to experience real fin-tech applications and become financial innovators, which have been an eye-opening experience. I am excited to see what other things Prasetiya Mulya offers in the future.”

    Vanessa Mirta Harianto
    Student, S1 Financial Technology