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Aside from technological advances and developments, the recent events had transformed the world and all of its aspects into all-things-digital, including education. As one of the top contender universities in Indonesia, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya intends to shift studying to become more seamless and limited not only in the physical world.

The Digital Blended Learning system supports its students by giving open opportunities whilst diligently guiding and preparing them to navigate through the ever-changing modern business world. Students are inherently adapting, staying alert to the global newness, and constantly collaborating in the learning process thanks to this polished combination of the present and the future.

Prasetiya Mulya also provides students the chance to mix online and offline classes through digitally interactive devices in hopes to assimilate the quality of students’ learning environments and resources. These devices include digital facilities such as Dedicated Moodle, Audio & Video Studio, Hybrid Classroom, and access to reliable e-books and e-journals.


Prasmul Connect
Prasetiya Mulya also provides opportunities for students to combine online and offline classes with interactive digital devices. Such as Hybrid Classroom, Audio & Video Studio, and Prasmul Connect, applications that facilitate access to trusted e-books and e-journals and student administrative needs. This is done to improve the quality of the learning environment and resources.