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Ergonomics Lab

This lab is designed to provide an environment to enhance the learning experience in the field of Ergonomics applied to the assessment and design of products and equipment. The center of laboratory activities is a combination of theory, data measurement, and methodology to optimize the comfort and well-being of people/users and the overall performance of the product/system. This laboratory is supported by the development and application of ergonomic tools and analytical tools to support human-centered design.


Equipment Usability
  • Anthropometer
    Anthropometer is used for design purposes such as product design for convenience in using a product.
  • Force Gauge
    A force gauge is used to measure a simple peak force.
  • Light Meter
    Measuring instruments are used to measure the strength of illumination (level of illumination) in a particular area or area.
  • Sound Level Meter
    Measuring instruments used to measure noise levels in product or place designs.
Courses Using Lab Materials
  • Final Project
  • Physical Ergonomics