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As a member of ASEAN and the G-20, Indonesia is considered one of the largest economies and one of the highest populated countries in Southeast Asia. Indonesia offers you a massive economy-playground where even foreign students have the chance to soar in Asia.

Recognising all of these promising prospects, Prasetiya Mulya opens its arms for students around the world who seek opportunities and indulge themselves in Indonesia’s unique business and cultural climate.

Founded in 1982 and located in Jakarta, Prasetiya Mulya has the advantage of implementing its business and technology practices directly into the heart of Indonesia’s economic hub. Jakarta serves as the centre where well-established and global companies may collaborate with the learning process according to our curriculum. Living in the capital city will cater to you with endless chances as well as connections for both domestic and foreign students. 

Prasetiya Mulya strongly encourages its students to participate both in academic and non-academic activities in balance by creating a supportive environment suitable for students’ needs. Experience the diversity and inclusivity network, the theoretical and practical learning, as well as countless collaborative projects, competitions, exhibitions, company visits, and case studies – the ideal place to pursue higher education. 

To apply for a study at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya undergraduate degree (S1) program, international applicants need to meet several eligibility criteria:

  1. Graduated from SMA (Senior High School) or SMK (Vocational High School) or equivalent, maximum 2 (two) years before the academic year commences, or point two below
  2. Be in grade 12 (equivalent to 3 years of high school) or A-Level Education or IB Diploma.
  3. Possess equalized diplomas and academic transcripts by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Those who already have a National Diploma do not need equalization.
  4. Possess a valid Student Visa & Stay Permit Card, either temporary or permanent (KITAS/KITAP).
  5. Possess a mandatory TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS 6 that is still valid for at least 1 (one) year. The university provides a TOEFL test for prospective students who do not have a TOEFL score yet. 
  6. Take part in the mandatory selection process of new undergraduate students at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

Having passed the test, to apply for a Study Permit (including Visa & Stay Permit if the applicant does not have one), international applicants need to prepare the following documents:

  • Passport (minimum 24 months for a 1-year KITAS, or minimum 36 months for a 2-year KITAS)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Recent 4×6 size photo with red background
  • Diplomas and Academic Transcripts
  • Statement letter stating that they will not work while studying in Indonesia.
  • Statement letter stating that they will not participate in any political activities in Indonesia.
  • Statement letter stating that they will comply with the existing laws and regulations in Indonesia.
  • Statement letter from guarantor or person in charge during the study.
  • Letter of financial guarantee.
  • Certificate of health.

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