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Legal Expertise with Business Insight

With a growing business and international transactions conducted by business actors, business development in the last period in Indonesia has entered a new phase. This condition desperately requires maintenance of the practice of international business law. Meanwhile, international business law has served as a guide and legal source for resolving international business conflicts or disputes. Based on this fact, international business law as a discipline has developed rapidly in the last decade.

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya in answer to these challenges in business development and international business laws has opened its International Business Law Degree Program. S1 International Business Law has 3 majors; International Comparative Commercial Law, International Maritime, Air, and Space Law, Privacy, and Cyber Security Law.

To become a reputable undergraduate program of study of business law study that is recognized by the law community and by national and international business actors in the fields of education, research, and community service.


  • To provide leading business law education with high integrity through innovative learning processes in order to produce highly-competent and globally-competitive graduates who possess sensitivity to the environment and society.
  • To undertake law studies that are beneficial to the community and to the development of law science in general and to business law in particular.
  • To conduct community services in order to increase knowledge and awareness of of the law community in supporting the national development.
  • To establish mutually beneficial cooperation with national and international institutions within the Three Pillars of Higher Education (Tridharma) contexts.
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Why Study International Business Law

S1 International Business Law (IBL) program is aimed at the point of intersection between law and business. This program is specifically tailored to the need of public and private entities for lawyers who are capable of performing management as well as legal works. The courses are co-taught by academia, advocates, attorneys, lawyerpreneurs, business practitioners, and entrepreneurs, from various backgrounds of law and business, to facilitate a multi-disciplinary learning approach and ensure that a right blend of theories and practices is impeccably applied.

This bachelor degree program in law focuses on the knowledge and skills required for those who aspire to become legal practitioners/professionals who are reliable and qualified in the field international business law, covering such wide activities as:

  • Establishment of international agreements;
  • International financing designs;
  • International trade;
  • International transport and logistics;
  • The process of mergers and acquisitions of international companies;
  • Agreements and consortiums of infrastructure and construction;
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights; and,
  • Settlement of international business disputes outside the judiciary (eg. through mediation and arbitration under international law and treaties).



Semester 1
Intro. to Law

Semester 2
Constitutional Law


Semester 3
Conflict of Law

Semester 4
Legal Aspect of Corporate Finance


Semester 5
Competition Law

Semester 6
Foundations of Comparative Law


Semester 7
Corporation and Human Rights

Semester 8
Final Assigment

Graduate of this Program

A graduate bachelor of International Business Law from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya will possess astute capabilities in:

  • Analyzing legal cases, regulatory policies, and international business law practices;
  • Having alternative dispute resolution and legal soft skills, such as knowledge of international cultures, ethics, and human behavior; and,
  • Working as an international business law lawyer.

Future Career

Professional Lawyer in International Law Firm, Legal Compliance Analyst, Product Counsel Specialist, Business Development & Acquisition Counsel, Business Litigation Counsel, Corporate Legal Counsel, Government Affairs Specialist, Professional Arbitrator, Judge, Notary, Prosecutor, Diplomat, and many others.

IBL program offers concentration in three legal subject areas choosen from the courses under; i) International Comparative Commercial Law, ii) International Maritime, Air & Space Law, iii) Cyber-security and Privacy Law.

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