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S1 Digital Business Technology Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Integrating Solutions with Digital Transformation

Now in the digital era, the use of various mobile web applications / the web can not be separated from daily life. This is also associated with the development of the business world in the modern era which basically cannot be separated from the role of various important information technologies such as digital marketing, UI/UX Design, Big Data processing, Virtual reality, and others.


To be a reputable study program at national and international levels in terms of teaching, research and devotion to society and produces graduates who have global insight information technology in the industry that be role models  in the development of the theory and practice of business.


  • To implement the process of education, the research and community service on the Software Engineering based on national standards DIKTI and international standards which are relevant to the needs of the work dynamics / community that hold high Prasetiya Mulya's Values.


Department Contact Info

Marketing & Customer Relations

Kavling Edutown I.1 Jl. BSD Raya Utama
BSD City, Tangerang 15339

(021) 304 50 500 ext. 2001-2006
SMS/WA: 0815-1166-2005 or 0812-4111-660

Mon – Fri, 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.


Why a Digital Business Technology undergraduate program?

The Digital Business Technology program focusing on the development of a business solution-based digital technology. It offers a course of understanding and skill and entrepreneurs that combine the latest digital technology in a business context, produce the students who can innovate and develop various digital technologies in the business world.

To build an application based on industrial needs, never forget the user friendly both in the function and display because students obtain UX lecture series where are taught in detail on the development of User Experience or UX  in an application starting from UX Design, UX Product Development until UX Testing.

In addition, one of the benefits of dealing with software is only needs a computer. It means students can work remote or a distance. That is why some graduates of Digital Business Technology of Prasetiya Mulya on a period of study can work well as part-time/full-time in a company, or set up their own startup based on their interest.


Semester 1

Semester 3

Semester 5

Semester 7

  • Personal Development

  • Applied Communication I

  • Discrete Mathematics

  • Business Math

  • Linear Algebra

  • Computational Thinking

  • Creativity and Technological Innovation

  • Civic Education

  • Statistical Data Analysis

  • User Experience in Digital Product

  • Object Oriented Design and Programming

  • Software Project Management I

  • Web-based Application Development

  • Software Audit and Quality Assurance

  • Enterprises System and Architecture

  • IT in Financial services

  • Big Data Network for Industry

  • Management Information System

  • Cloud Computing Technology

  • Elective - Kapita selecta teknologi Informasi

  • DBT Co-operative Education II

  • Internship

  • Elective

  • Elective

Semester 2

Semester 4

Semester 6

Semester 8

  • Community Development Project I

  • Critical Thinking & Research Skill

  • Reading and Writing

  • Fundamental of User Experience Design

  • Computer Architecture and Organization

  • Intermediate Programming

  • Introduction to Database Systems

  • Software Design and Construction

  • Civilization of Pluralism

  • Sustainable Development

  • Computer Network and Security

  • Data Science

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Agile Project Management

  • Intermediate Database System

  • Community Development Project II

  • Digital Strategy

  • Big Data for A Social Media Campaign

  • Business Innovation

  • Software Engineering Ethics and Social Issues

  • Applied Communication II

  • Religious Studies

  • Engineering Research Method

  • Final Project

  • Elective - Social Media for Digital Campaign

  • Elective - Big data network for Industry

Graduate of this Program

Undergraduates of S1 Digital Business Technology produces knowledgeable and skillful graduates in digital technology and soul technopreneur that fulfilling industry standards and current and future job requirements. Through a learning curriculum developed in collaboration with the current and future industry and employment needs. Through the learning curriculum developed in collaboration with industries (Alibaba Cloud Partner, AWS Academy, Startup incubator, Emurgo, dll), it is hoped that it will produce graduates who have the ability to win the job market and or be independent in building a digital business.

Future Career

System analyst, Software Engineer/Application Engineer, Software Developer, Software Designer, Software Quality Assurance, Programmer, Mobile Application Developer, Web Developer, Software Project Manager, etc.


Advanced Programming Lab

Mobile and Web Based Applications Lab

High Perfomance Computing Lab

Facilities high performance computing the lab able to facilitate research associated with algorithms and systems need computing a large scale to solve business problem, social , and knowledge applications that require big data processing.


Study programs do research and development activities, with various institutions among others, such as; Microsoft, CINOVASI, Anabatic, DOKU, Oracle, & BEKRAF.

The program works with Oracle, Microsoft to build modern software laboratory.