Bakti Indonesia

This scholarship is offered to undergraduate candidates who have financial limitations to study in the S1 program of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Upon study, students may receive benefits such as allowance and housing accommodation.


  • SMA/Equivalent graduate of “Very Good” category
  • Pass the S1 entrance test (on first attempt only)
  • Satisfy other selection requirements (essay and  proposal writing, presentation, FGD and interview)
  • Apply to any undergraduate programs 
  • Have evidence of family’s financial hardship

Required Documents:

  • a salary slip/income statement of parent(s)
  • a photocopy of family card
  • photocopies of parental and student ID cards
  • a photocopy of tuition payment bill from the previous school
  • photocopies of electricity bills in the last 3 months, land & building tax payment bill*, and vehicle registration document*
  • Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu (SKTM) from Kelurahan which states family’s economy condition **

Note (*) If applicable; (**) specifically some schools that become economic backgrounds as a condition of not being able to, it is permissible to collect a certificate of disability.


  • Housing/accommodation rent for the first year
  • Living allowances (Rp 2,500,000 per month for 1st year; Rp 3,500,000 onwards up to 4th year (for AY 2019)
  • Minimum IP per semester 2.75
  • Exemption of any test fees

Scholarship Components:

Beasiswa Bakti Indonesia, provided for 4 years during the period of study, covers the following:

  • Development fee
  • Fixed cost
  • SKS fees
  • Orientation program fee
  • Lab fee 
  • Living allowance
  • Book allowance
  • Academic Development fee
  • Non-Academic Development fee
  • Residential or Dormitory rental fee

Partners of Beasiswa Bakti Indonesia:

List of Beasiswa Bakti Indonesia scholarship partners for Universitas Prasetiya Mulya S1 program:

  • SMA Bali Mandara
  • SMA Athirah Bone
  • SMAN Unggul Del
  • SMA Unggulan CT Foundation
  • SMAN Sumatera Selatan
  • SMA Lentera Harapan Toraja
  • SMA Kristen Barana Toraja
  • SMAN 1 Doloksanggul
  • SMA Sukma Bangsa Pidie
  • SMA Sukma Bangsa Bireun
  • SMA Sukma Bangsa Lhoksumawe
  • SMAN 2 Balige
  • SMA Syuradikara Ende
  • SMA Regina Pacis Bajawa
  • SMA St. Klaus  Ruteng
  • SMA Giovanni Kupang
  • SMAN 1 Kefamenanu
  • SMA Banua
  • SMA CTF Sukoharjo
  • SMA Sanata Karya Tual
  • SMAN 1 Ambon
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