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A Day In The Life: Prasmulyan Story With Angelique Allison

The desire to study abroad may be harder to realize with the current pandemic situation, but not with Universitas Prasetiya Mulya students. Angelique Allison, one of the students majoring in Business Mathematics 2019, won the Indonesia International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) 2021 scholarship to participate in a student exchange program at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Last Wednesday (15/9), Prasmul invited Allison to hold a sharing session via Instagram Live to tell her daily life in learning during this pandemic.

Student Exchange to University of Waterloo, Canada

Starting as a hobby of traveling, Allison decided to join the AIESEC Exchange Participant program at the end of her first semester. From there, Allison was happy and interested in making more friends.

“Initially, I was informed about IISMA from my junior class, so I prepared myself to apply. During the registration process for this program, Prasmul was very helpful, responsive, and supportive in making letters of recommendation and so on”, she said.

Allison Daily Routine During the Pandemic

Like other Prasmulyan, Allison’s daily life is presently following the learning process in class and committee activities. But that is not enough, Allison also stated that she has become more productive during this pandemic by participating in several other types of activities.

“Because the current situation is studying at home, so I have more free time. I have also participated in internships, attended several workshops, created an online shop and other virtual activities. So look for as many activities as possible with a record of following health protocols”, said Allison.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t be afraid to explore, failure is just a process. Bring yourself back up and try other things

Angelique Allison
Business Mathematics 2019

Not only that, but Allison also told how he initially decided to choose Prasetiya Mulya majoring in Business Mathematics and Memorable Lessons that he got while studying at Prasmul. Click here to rewatch the Sharing Session with Allison.