A New Era Begins: Harmony between Humans and Machines | Graduation 2023

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On December 5, 2023, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya hosted its 41st graduation ceremony, marking the release of 1,281 students from levels one to three. On this date, they officially joined IKAPRAMA (Universitas Prasetiya MulyaAlumni Association) alongside 13,123 other alumni.

“The most glorious victory in the digital jungle is less than half of your resounding victory in your exploration. Becoming human is our endless learning.” – Prof. Dr. Djisman Simandjuntak

This was the opening message conveyed by the Rector of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, serving as a reminder of how technology, especially the presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), will shape human life.

Despite being perceived as a threat to human existence, AI is fundamentally created and designed to assist humans in completing repetitive tasks. As Fathony Rahman, D.B.A., Dean of the School of Business and Economics, highlighted, “While AI can perform mechanical and repetitive tasks at incredible speed, human abilities in soft skills cannot be replaced by AI.” These essential abilities include leadership, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence is not as intelligent as you think. So, to compete, we must have skills beyond what ChatGPT can do, such as working with and for humans (human-focused skills) and systems thinking.” – Prof. Stella Christie, Professor and Research Chair, Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence, Tsinghua University (Guest Lecturer at the Universitas Prasetiya MulyaGraduation 2023)

Dean of the STEM School, Stevanus Wisnu Wijaya, Ph.D, has prepared graduates to be at the forefront of this technological development. “Our students have been involved in Artificial Intelligence research with funding support from ISIF ASIA. This year, the STEM School of Prasetiya Mulya was appointed as a partner in the FINCAPES Project, focusing on responding to global issues related to carbon trade and climate changes.” This project, funded by Global Affairs of Canada, is a form of anticipation for addressing significant issues in the future.

Inter-faculty collaboration has been established, including with the School of Law and International Studies at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Hassan Wirajuda, S.H., M.A.L.D., LL.M., S.J.D., the Dean, believes that the graduates will contribute to responding to global challenges. “The graduates have proven that a deep understanding of international law and business is not only a theoretical foundation but also valuable capital for achieving success in the professional world, where they will be at the forefront of addressing complex legal issues, maintaining corporate integrity, and contributing to business growth and sustainability.”

Here are some impactful messages representing the sentiments of the graduates.

“All the hard work (through all eight gates) doesn’t feel burdensome at Prasmul because the learning atmosphere makes assignments feel light. Faculty members are very responsive and especially comfortable to discuss with. This is a competitive advantage that Prasmul possesses.” – Dr. Henky Lesmana (Best of the Best in Academic Achievement – Doctor in Management and Entrepreneurship Program)

“The MM-ABA program has been enlightening. It showed the capabilities of proper data utilization and the extent to which it can be useful in any facet of my work and daily life. I thoroughly enjoyed every single class; all the lecturers and colleagues were very open in discussions, which also made the learning effortless.” – Marcelino Raditya Hadipranoto, M.M. (Best Academic in Program – Master of Management in Applied Business Analytics)

“I may not be the most active or smartest, but long story short, I got an offer from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk as a legal staff before graduating. And that is what we call a happy ending.” – Hellen Lorenscia, S.H. (Best Academic in Program – International Business Law)

“One of the happiest moments was being one of the recipients of the Young Scholar Indonesia and Achievement Scholarship. That opportunity further motivated me to continue achieving and contributing.” – Agatha Kenan, S.T.P. (Best Academic in Program – Food Business Technology)

Congratulations to all graduates! Your efforts have paid off, and may your names continue to contribute to society and innovate in your respective fields!