Building Life Mapping for Students to Graduate On Time: A Practical Guide

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Cara Membangun Life Mapping Bagi Mahasiswa

Graduating on time should be a goal for every student when entering the early stages of university life. There are numerous benefits for students who manage to graduate on time, such as completing studies at a relatively young age, having the opportunity to receive scholarships, making parents proud, and even saving on tuition costs. With these advantages in mind, students are not only expected to earn good grades in each course but are also required to graduate on time.

One effective method for students to achieve timely graduation is by building life mapping. For those unfamiliar, life mapping encompasses all planned activities within a specific period to reach goals or targets. Therefore, students can utilize life mapping to plan their academic journey and graduate on time.

Some examples of life-mapping activities for students on campus include adapting to a new environment, engaging in social activities on campus, and enhancing networking.

Reasons why students must apply life mapping during their studies:

There are several reasons pushing students to apply life mapping during their university studies. Firstly, it allows students to pursue their studies with more clarity and direction. Without life mapping, there is no planning, leaving students unsure about prioritization. The second reason emphasizes the importance of implementing life mapping, making students more motivated to achieve the target of graduating on time.

This is why new students at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya especially those in business-related programs, are required to create life mapping. This renowned university, recognized as the best business school in Indonesia, sets high standards that encourage all students to graduate and obtain their bachelor’s degrees on time. To assist every new student, the following will be explained in detail on how to create life mapping consistently.

Steps to create life mapping for students:

  1. Choose a Medium: To make life mapping easy to view and remember, students can first choose a medium. The medium used can be HVS paper, notebooks, stickers, binders, sticky notes, or others. The specific medium isn’t crucial; what matters most is that students can easily view their life mapping and progress anytime.

  2. Avoid Being Too Formal: After choosing a medium, students can then write various targets and activities required to achieve those targets. The writing process has no standards and doesn’t need to be too formal; students can write down whatever they desire.

  3. Write Down All Targets and Plans: Subsequently, write down the targets to be achieved along with short-term and long-term plans. If there are too many plans to be carried out, they can be written briefly. However, if students want to write detailed and comprehensive plans, it’s a good idea to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  4. Take Concrete Actions: Life mapping isn’t just created for writing or display purposes; students must take concrete actions based on the previously determined plans. Without real actions, the creation of life mapping for timely graduation will be in vain.

  5. Cross Out Successful Plans: To track the progress achieved, students must cross out plans or targets that have been completed. If progress continues to increase over time, it indicates that students are carrying out activities according to the plans made earlier. If progress seems slow, there is still time to catch up by utilizing time wisely to ensure timely graduation targets can be realized.

  6. Don’t Give Up: If some targets or plans fail or don’t meet expectations, don’t give up. Keep trying and maximize the capabilities possessed within the remaining time. Evaluate the obstacles faced to find the best solutions and achieve the targets as planned.

The benefits of applying life mapping during university studies have been proven by one of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s students, Michael Norbert. Seeing a 49% chance of becoming an actuary in the future based on data released by the Center for Financial Profession Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, preparation must begin early during university studies. Without hesitation, Michael immediately applied life mapping with the target of obtaining his first certificate in the fourth semester and five other certificates when he graduates, beneficial for his future career.

Looking at Michael’s success, it’s clear that every student can experience the same success by applying life mapping. Especially for those studying at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, which always encourages students from various fields to graduate on time. The best business university in Indonesia not only motivates students but also provides various programs.

One of the programs introduces a sustainable lifestyle to students on campus to raise awareness of environmental issues. The impact of implementing a sustainable lifestyle is cleaner air on campus, contributing to more students being in good health. With a healthy body, every student can engage in academic activities well, ultimately achieving the goal of graduating on time.