Graduation 2021: The Application of Science and Technology Towards Acceleration of the Business World

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“Our hope is that your four years of study at Universitas Prasetya Mulya will strengthen your angelic instinct so as to conquer the infernal one; so that you become a force for the human progress,” – Prof. Dr. Djisman S. Simandjuntak, Chancellor of Prasetiya Mulya University

This message was delivered to 1,022 Prasetiya Mulya University’s fresh graduates—those who successfully earned the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with pride last Tuesday (12/07). 

Under the theme of Fostering Positive Science Perceptions and Promotion of STEM-Based Businesses in Indonesia, the graduation ceremony was held in a hybrid way. It his brief opening message guest speaker Prof. Satryo Soemantri Brodjonegoro (AIPI Chairman, Commission on Engineering Sciences) mentions how advancement and application of science support businesses: “One of the effects of basic research is the rapid emergence of start-ups applying new technology to generate economic growth.”

What’s especially encouraging about this year’s graduation is the fact that seven Bachelor’s degree programs (S1 Business Mathematics, S1 Computer Systems Engineering, S1 Digital Business Technology, S1 Food Business Technology, S1 Renewable Energy Engineering, S1 Hospitality Business, and S1 Business Economics) successfully produced their first graduates.

Pandemic is not a barrier to achievement

The pandemic that has hit Indonesia since last year certainly impacts all sectors, including education. However, this situation did not prevent a student of Prasetiya Mulya University, Lisabel, who won the Best of the Best award for her commitment in the four years of study in the Hospitality Business.

“Instead of running and dodging, let us always look for lessons to be learned. Get up more courageously after each time we fall, because after the fleeting college years, life goes on. Worry not about the values, results, or successes as defined by others; the meaning to our journey is ours to make.” – Lisabel S. Par.

Meanwhile, Lakeshia Erlino Kuswoyo, STP, won the title of Best Woman Graduate in STEM. Interestingly, the award was given directly by the partner company of Prasetiya Mulya University, namely Triputra Group. In addition, there were four other awards from well-known companies: Medco, SUN Energy, Dexa Group, and Sinarmas Mining. This proves that graduates of the School of Applied STEM are capable of responding to the needs of the industry in this era.

“The process I went through at Prasmul has made me realize that knowledge and talent need to be channelled if they are to impact positively for others. The four-year process has made me a mature person who cares about others, accepts opinions and criticism, and possesses good interpersonal skills.” – Lakeshia Erlino Kuswoyo, STP.

Besides the awards for Lisabel and Lakeshia, more than 40 other awards were presented at the 2021 Graduation to appreciate the success of outstanding graduates. One of them is Evan Saputra Janitra, MM, graduate of Master of Management, who won Best Academic in MM Business Management.

“Doubts overtook me sometimes. They often made me wonder, “Will I be able to divide my time between work, academics, and family?” As time goes by, those doubts were forgotten; they got replaced by various memorable experiences, such as when meeting various assignments, when presenting in the first semester, when being busy working on final assignments, and when discussing intensely with lecturers for my final project.” – Evan Saputra Janitra, MM

An entrepreneurial ecosystem based on science and technology continues to be developed in every learning process, one of which is through competitions. Throughout 2021, Prasmul students managed to conquer 97 achievements from various levels of both national and international competitions. Pretty remarkable, indeed! This has earned Prasetiya Mulya University the status of being the Top 3 Universities triumphant in winning the most entrepreneurship competitions organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Quality Graduates

The School of Applied STEM–whose models and facilities of learning have been designed in such a way–produced its first batch of Bachelors and managed to achieve 100% graduation. In fact, 75% of their first graduates already entered the professional world in line with their field of study—and just within 2 months prior to the graduation!  Moreover, 28% of the graduates have started their businesses in science and technology. Dean Prof. Yudi Samyudia, Ph.D. indeed welcomes this achievement, hopeful that: “With the knowledge and skills gained in the fields of science and technology, these quality STEM graduates are pioneers and movers of Indonesia’s future progress.”

Meanwhile Fathony Rahman, DBA, Dean of the School of Business and Economics expressed his appreciation for all 2021 graduates. In his remarks when welcoming the first 20 graduates from S1 Business Economics and 39 graduates from S1 Hospitality Business, he added this message of hope: “We must address the future with high enthusiasm and passion for continuous learning. Such passion is necessary if we are to do anything with excellence, in work or beyond work.”

Here are aspiring business and technology leaders that will build Indonesia’s future through real contributions. Our heartfelt congratulations and big successes ahead to all the fresh graduates of Prasetiya Mulya University!