Prasmul’s Undergraduate Students Successfully Held A Puppet Theater Performance

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Puppetale “The Soul of Faithfulness”


Universitas Prasetiya Mulya Event Management students successfully held a puppet theater performance last Friday (21/5). Puppetale “The Soul of Faithfulness” is a puppet theater show based on Balinese folklore, Barong Landung, which tells the love story of King Jayapangus and Kang Cing Wei, who came from two different cultures.

In collaboration with the Flying Balloon Puppet

To make the event a success, Prasmul Event undergraduate students collaborated with the Flying Puppet theater group to host the Puppetale “The Soul of Faithfulness” event.


Flying Balloons Puppet is a puppet theater that was founded in January 2015 by Rangga Dewi Apriadinnur. Starting as a result of an acting laboratory class during school, Flying Balloons Puppet has produced more than 15 works, both solo and collaborative.

Preparations Done Since Last Year

“Preparations have been made since last year. We have faced a lot of twists and turns, but thanks to the hard work and contributions of all parties, finally this event can be held tonight”, said Sarah Dolores when delivering her remarks as Project Manager of the Puppetale event ” The Soul of Faithfulness.



Although this event can be watched only virtual, the organizers have managed to package a series of events with a very lively and exciting atmosphere. Before the show started, each audience was equipped with hampers that could bring the theater atmosphere to their respective homes.


The meaning of this story is closely related to tolerance and loyalty. Hope from Sarah and her team is that this event can provide purpose and memorable experiences for the audience.