The Power of Image: HR Talk Accelerates Company Growth Through Employer Branding

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Who are you, and what is your company like?” This was the question posed during the HR Talk at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, held on Wednesday, October 25th, at The Lounge XXI Plaza Senayan. Discussing the intense competition and increased exposure in the digital age, the event focused on the theme “From HR to PR: The Employer Branding Strategies.” Its aim was to create a unique corporate identity and showcase the creativity of each individual.

Four speakers were invited to be a part of this HR Talk edition. They included Denty Avianty, Executive Vice President Strategic Human Resources of PT Bank BTPN Tbk, M. Hira Kurnia, Chief Human Capital Officer of PT XL Axiata Tbk, Meriam W. Katombo, Director of Human Resources at PT Sayap Mas Utama (Wings Group), and Dr. Achmad Setyo Hadi, Director of the Graduate Program & Faculty Member of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

Denty Avianty shared the story of Jenius, a rapidly growing digital bank since 2016. “What is employer branding really for? It turns out that employer branding is not just about attracting external employees; we also need to consider those on the inside. Employer branding is a promise that a company makes to its stakeholders.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by Hira and Meriam. The first step in employer branding is an internal approach. “We start from the inside. Wings Group has carried out many campaigns internally,” Meriam shared.

In addition to being a platform for discussion, HR Talk also serves as a forum for MM Prasetiya Mulya students and various professionals and practitioners to exchange ideas outside the classroom and office. Find out more about the MM Prasmul Program’s educational process!