The Secret to a Successful Business of a Young Inspiring Prasmul Alumni

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Rahasia sukses pebisnis muda Yoshel Ramlie alumni prasmul yang bisa jadi inspirasi

The opportunity to have a career as a young business person in Indonesia is still wide open. Mardani H. Maming, the Executive Board Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Central Association (BPP HIPMI), stated that the national number of Indonesian business people is only at 3.4% while to have a more advanced and developed country the number should range from 12 to 14%. 

However, achieving this desired number is obviously easier said than done as the reality of life gives numerous challenges. Nonetheless, these success stories of young Indonesian business people might strongly motivate and inspire young Indonesian people to develop a business. Yoshel Ramlie is an alumnus of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya (Prasmul) who now owns three successful businesses. It comes as no surprise, as one of the best business management schools in Indonesia, Prasmul has produced numerous successful young entrepreneurs.

There are certainly many lessons we can take from Yoshel’s success story. Let’s be inspired!

Kisah Yoshel Ramlie: Merintis Bisnis dari Nol hingga Sukses

The Story of Yoshel Ramlie: Starting a Successful Business from Zero

Curiosity is a crucial element in starting a business. Yoshel, who has always had a desire to embrace new things, decided to initiate a business when he was in college. His first clothing line business, Cigem Creative, started small. “Initially, what I did was only receive orders and directed those to already established vendors.”

Gradually, his business was expanding, so he decided to collaborate with a colleague, who also had graduated from Prasmul. In addition to his earlier clothing line business, Yoshel created a shirt printing business with a local tourism theme, called Yori Studio. The business, which is currently located in M ​​Bloc Space, allows customers to directly and personally experience screen printing.

Not stopping there, Yoshel developed another business. With two of his high school friends, he created SOD Group, an event planner that has been trusted to organize many festivals in the Surabaya and Semarang areas. Yoshel’s decision to collaborate with his two friends, who are highly business-intuitive people, was a daring move. “I believe big rewards come with big risks. I do think that the benefits outweigh the risky moves I took. Besides that, there is a huge market potential. So, why not give it a try?”

How to Achieve A Success in Creating Business at a Young Age?

Yoshel Ramlie’s experience certainly gives valuable lessons for the younger generation who wish to create a business in the near future. Despite the importance of management skills that can be polished by taking business and management courses, there are various crucial elements that must be learned and understood to run and own successful businesses, like Yoshel’s:

  • Dare to experience new things: while we are young, don’t hesitate to try new positive things as you might gain invaluable knowledge and insights. In addition, while exploring the unknown, we can take advantage of some opportunities that others haven’t recognized or found.
  • Prepare ourselves mentally when doing business: doing business is not just a matter of preparing funds, but also mental. Some businesses might fail, and this is a fact that all young business people must be prepared for. Failures should be used as stepping stones to success, not to be mourned.
  • Weigh out all risks and potentials: as great business potential comes with great risks, business people must carefully consider the risks and potential when starting a business. Make sure that there are much greater potentials than risks.
  • Put great importance on the customers: customer-oriented businesses will give great comfort that enables customers to give trust and show their loyalty. Therefore, showing our customers how we empathize with them is a must in every business.

Time has always been a constant constraint and obstacle in developing a business.

By applying these strategies, business people will no longer consider it as an issue and will have an easier time running their business:

  • Set a clear priority in business operational processes that are based on the urgency scale.
  • Collaborate with trusted business partners so that you can focus on certain areas.
  • Delegate some parts of business processes to competent and reliable human resources.
  • Create a short, medium, and long-term business plan, so you can estimate the time lag needed to execute those plans.

So, can business management graduates work immediately? Absolutely! In fact, this question can be effortlessly answered when the young generation is bold enough and has the courage to directly test the water by applying the learning-by-doing strategy when entering a business environment.