Understanding Ethics and Cultural Differences in the World of Work

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Pentingnya memahami konsep etika dan budaya Kerja sejak kuliah

After graduation, students are often faced with 2 choices: to professionally work in a company or to independently establish a business. Of the two choices, most graduates will probably decide to start a career in a company. During which, they need to abide by the company’s regulations. Having good ethics and being able to respect the company’s culture are the most common regulations that all employees need to comply with. That’s why it’s crucial for all students to understand ethics and cultural differences in the world of work starting since they’re still on campus.

Students need to understand that ethics and culture are an inseparable unit in everyday life; especially in the world of work. Everyone who owns good ethics will certainly be able to appreciate the various kinds of work culture that exist in a company. Acknowledging the importance of ethics and culture for students, here are several reasons for a deeper understanding of both, so students can hold a key to future career success.

Reasons for Students to Understand the Importance of Ethics and Cultural Differences 

  1. Increased productivity
    Applying good ethics and understanding cultural differences in the work environment will certainly increase productivity. It is no secret that the more productive the employees, the more likely company’s targets will be achieved. It is going to be a challenge to achieve targets without productivity as a company might lose its competitiveness with other companies. So, for students who would like to pursue a professional career in a company, they must be able to increase company productivity by applying good ethics.
  2. Growth of sense of enthusiasm
    When every employee in a company applies good ethics and respects cultural differences, a sense of enthusiasm flourishes. Employees who have high working spirit will certainly be able to complete their job properly and on time, which will definitely increase the productivity of the company.
  3. Achievement of greater success
    Employees who apply work ethics and have a good understanding of cultural differences will achieve greater success. This can be obtained because those employees generally apply a positive attitude at work and respect fellow coworkers. They are also disciplined and responsible. With all these positive traits, they can surely make a real contribution for the company.

The three main points mentioned above are supported by a research conducted by Zippo in 2023 stating that as many as 92% of HR personnel believe that candidates who have a good work ethic will have a greater chance of being hired. In addition, as many as 79% of employees agree that the application of ethics in the world of work is very important for career growth. A conclusion that can be drawn from these statistics is that students must understand and learn more about work ethics and cultural differences since they are still in college. With a thorough understanding of both, students will acquire various benefits.

Benefits of Developing Strong Work Ethics and Understanding Cultural Difference Since College

  1. Creating responsible professionals
    While studying on campus, students need to learn the principles of integrity, honesty, and social responsibility. A comprehensive understanding of these principles will create future leaders who are able to overcome complex ethical dilemmas with sound judgment and a commitment to always do what is right even when faced with challenging situations in the workplace.
  2. Preparing to work effectively  with cross-cultural workers
    In today’s globalized world, the workforce has become more diverse than ever. College students must be equipped with cross-cultural competence in order to work effectively in a multicultural environment. By integrating cultural awareness into the university curriculum, students will have a chance to develop their ability to value and embrace differences thereby reducing the possibility of misunderstandings, miscommunication, and conflicts in the workplace.
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  3. Improving decision-making skills
    While studying on campus, students are constantly challenged to analyze situations from various perspectives and consider the impact of their choices. The decision-making process that is based on moral values ​​ensures that students can make good decisions based on ethics. At the end of the day, these students will behave ethically throughout their careers.
  4. Building trust and reputation
    By understanding ethics, students can recognize how important trust is in both personal and organizational contexts. By prioritizing ethical behavior, students are able to build a positive reputation that can boost  their credibility and open the door to more career opportunities.
  5. Convincing employers
    Today’s employers actively seek candidates who possess technical expertise, ethical integrity, and cultural awareness. College students who understand these virtues are more likely to stand out in a competitive job market. A great number of companies increasingly value employees who can uphold organizational values ​​and adapt to a diverse work environment with empathy and respect.

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