Various Awards, Including Golden Medals, were Acquired by Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s Students in April 2022!

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Clarissa Regina Feryanto – S1 Branding 2019
Marcellia Argashie – S1 Branding 2019
Carolina Dee Aquilerra – S1 Branding 2019
2nd place winner in the National Branding Competition Brexplor 2022

BREXPLOR is the first national branding competition and conference organized by the OWL Club, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s undergraduate student association for S1 Branding study program. With Anteraja, a technology-based shipping company whose business develops rapidly, Prasmul’s students proposed a solution that was divided into three categories: application, social media, and e-commerce activation. This three-categories solution was proposed to form a strong customer base to enable Anteraja to compete with competitors who had been in the logistics industry far longer.


Muhammad Ryan Abrar – S1 Branding 2021
1st and 3rd place winner in a shooting competition – Lomba Menembak Piala Danpaspampres 2022

Ryan competed in the Reaction Shooting category, which was measured by shooting speed and accuracy. He won 1st place for Production Optic Junior and 3rd place in Production Optic Grade B.


Cynthia Hugo – S1 Business 2020
Golden Medalist in the Posi Science Assessment 2022

Pusat Olimpiade Sains Indonesia organized the Indonesian Science Olympiad. Participants ranged from college students to high school teachers from all over Indonesia. Cynthia won 2 gold medals in 2 categories: Economics and English.


Aditya Alberthus Chrisnanda – S1 Business 2020
Golden Medalist in the National Young Scientist Innovation 2022

In the event that was organized by the Indonesian Science Olympiad Center, students were given limited time to solve 75 English questions. Aditya won a gold medal in the category of English at the SMA/MA/SMK teacher and college student levels.


Victoria Liv Poerwantoro – S1 Business 2020
Syifa Alya Rahmah – S1 Business 2020
Mendy Laurence – S1 Business 2020
2nd place winner in the Esprit De Corps 2.0 2022

Esprit de Corps 2.0 was organized by HMPSM Universitas Pelita Harapan in Medan. It was a business case competition that collaborated with Sari Roti as a case contributor. The participants were asked to look for creative ideas for maximizing efficiency and managing the workforce during the pandemic era.


Delina Kezia – S1 Business 2019
1st International winner in the P&G Ceo Challenge 2022

Delina Kezia, who collaborated with 2 other colleagues from the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), won the P&G CEO Challenge. This prestigious business case competition, which was organized by Procter & Gamble, was held under the theme “Metaverse & Video Gaming.”


Bryan Mugito Marcella Jessica Faustine Tantra, Nadya Allycia, Nadya Daniella, Sergio Jivalino, dan Valencia Ardella – S1 International Business Law 2019 & 2020
3rd place winner in the 12th Annual Indonesia Willem C.Vis Pre Moot 2022

The Indonesia Young Arbitration Community (IYAC) is a pre-competition (commonly referred to as a pre-moot) that is held annually for all Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot participants in Indonesia. This competition is related to arbitration and was held offline di Yogyakarta oleh Indonesia Young Arbitration Community (IYAC) bekerja sama dengan Universitas Gadjah Mada dan PrivyID.


Congratulations to all winners! We are optimistic that these wins can inspire other Prasmulyans!