Ways to Challenge Students’ Creativity in the Campus Environment

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Berbagai kegiatan kreativitas mahasiswa di lingkungan kampus universitas prasetiya mulya

Talking about creativity, the first job type that comes to mind might be a graphic designer or a marketer. What people tend to forget is that creativity and innovation elements are very important in all industries and occupations. The is especially true because business challenges require constant inventive solutions.

Creativity is an important skill in the development of innovative ideas. Without creativity, an organization will not have the drive and initiative to develop and succeed. This is what makes creativity to be one of the traits that companies look for from prospective employees.

Creativity is a trait that can be taught. Therefore, educational institutions, such as universities, play an important role in producing graduates who can utilize this skill in the workplace. The world’s top campuses emphasize the importance of teaching creativity so that students can utilize information to develop new ideas and perception, not just absorbing and repeating information.

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, being one of the world’s top campuses, fosters creativity in students with various programs, collaborations with organizations within the campus environment, and partnerships with institutions outside the campus.

The many activities that challenge students’ creativity

One of the annual activities that is highly anticipated by all S1 Business students is Creatifest. Creatifest was organized as an event to challenge the Analytical and Creative Thinking and Business Development course’s participants to experience the reality of building a business and first-handedly experience the process of developing a product into a prototype. It is a perfect event to challenge the creativity of all participants.

Apart from getting the excitement and thrill, Creatifest’s participants also acquire invaluable experience and learning process in marketing, operations and finance fields. What makes the participants even more enthusiastic is the fact that the campus has always given its full support. In one occasion, Creatifest was organized in a prestigious mall so that Prasmul’s students, who were also the business creators and owners, had the chance to exhibit their products and services creations and to communicate directly with the public. 

Innofair is another event that has become the pride of Prasmul. It is an annual event held by the STEM Prasetiya Mulya Innovation Student Organization (SISO) to encourage students to develop solutive ideas for problems in society. Not only collaborating with well-known practitioners, Innofair also often exhibits innovative prototypes from the School of Applied STEM’s students who have the courage to offer solutions to address public problems.

Apart from Creatifest and Innofair, Prasmul also has other programs that are as interesting and as challenging. These programs are obviously built to shape students’ creativity.

Come and join the student associations!

Another strategy to intrigue students’ creativity is by joining various student organizations or associations. Student organizations often offer experiences that might not be gained in the classroom. Furthermore, they offer opportunities for developing both personal and professional growth. This is a excellent way to develop strengths and skills that can give a positive impact when entering the workforce.

Let us all have a closer look at SISO team from Prasetiya Mulya’s STEM. This team seems to have never run out of ideas and creativity. Besides the successful Innofair, SISO team also has succeeded to organize various events involving students and the public. Those events are: STEM INC, a competition for high school students to develop ideas and innovations, Science Fun Day, which teaches children about science, Programming 5.0, an event to teach people about creating games, and Perspective, which focuses on 3D modeling.

Talking about organizations at Prasmul, the Student Board of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya is one of the elite organizations that a student must not miss to join. This is especially true for those students who wish to shape their leadership skills. In this organization, students can develop their professionalism, expand knowledge, and at the same time stimulate creativity in an organizational environment.

The various associations and organizations that Prasmul has, offer a lot of activities that will give students the opportunity to build connections and networks. This will be exceptionally important when it is time for them to compete in the world of work. Joining an association also familiarize students with negotiation strategies, exploration of other people’s potential, and leadership skills.