Faculty Members’ Contributions in Supporting Students’ Career Development

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One strategy to increase motivation and enthusiasm for independent learning during your college journey is to understand the relationship between education and career planning. Another strategy is to have an ahead plan to achieve your dream profession.

The problem is, many students have limited insight about their career choices. Without further exploration, students may only choose careers that they are exposed to in their immediate environment, media, and friends, rather than selecting options that fit their interests and skills. This is the background reason of why the world’s best campuses provide student career development institutions.

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya is one of the world’s best campuses that provides a Career Development Center (CDC). Through CDC, students are able to have a thorough understanding about the career they will choose after graduating. With the help from CDC, students are able to construct a solid personal development planning program. With CDC, students can prepare study plans, develop portfolios, acknowledge apprenticeship options, and receive guidance to land a desired profession and become the best asset for the chosen company.


Tips for future career preparation

To secure a position in your future career, initiate a discussion with the CDC team as early as possible. You can start preparing a well organized personal plans with them. In addition to recommending supporting classes, the CDC team will also direct students to join various campus organizations that best suit their interests and support their fields of study. This is because a student’s resume will be much more appealing if solid and varied organizational experiences are added as they are believed to help students gain experience, build connections, and expand limitless opportunities on and off campus.

The CDC is a unique and valuable resource that students should take optimal advantages of. This institution even provides services and organizes events that are related to career building, such as resume and CV-building assistance, mock interviews, talent gatherings, and talent fairs. In short, the CDC gives its full assistance to students from zero to the point where they are ready to do interviews and accept job offers.

Another excellent way to land your dream career is by doing internships. The CDC will not only help you find the most suitable internship or job, but also help you prepare your resume, cover letter, and provide knowledge of interview skills to seize internship opportunities at the best companies.

Not stopping there, the CDC even helps those who have graduated and want to explore a career change or seek a new job. There isn’t a slightest doubt that CDC will boost Prasmul students to be more confident and successful in achieving their future goals.


Types of soft skills that students must own to enter the real world of work

In preparing the future career, students must equip themselves with soft skills that can be trained and shaped within the campus environment. One of those important skills is intrapersonal skills. This skills set will help students to shape themselves into better leaders. With a mastery of intrapersonal skills, students can take firm stances in making decisions and creating ideas. In addition, students will absolutely need this skill when they have to finish certain tasks themselves in which students need to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses.

After having a thorough understanding of themselves, students will then need to begin analyzing how other people work. This is where interpersonal skills come in place. This skills set help students understand the intelligence and behavior of people they work with. 

Interpersonal skills are benefical when it comes to the time when students need to work in groups. Students will  acknowledge the dynamics of working in groups and how team members react to certain topics which will easen students to position ideas in ways that suit them.

In addition to the mentioned skills above, the CDC team will direct students further in understanding and acquiring various other soft skills.

With complete supporting programs and facilities at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, it is obvious that students’ career development process will run smoothly and be beneficial for their future.