Achievements by Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s Students | December 2021

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Closing the year 2021, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya students continued to collect many awards from prestigious competitions; in both academic and non-academic fields. These accomplishments surely have become a pride of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. It is with high expectations that these achievements can inspire other young individuals to reach higher positions in future competitions

Listed below are those inspiring Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s students:

Galih Suci Akbarani – S1 Business 2019
Monica Liefanny Hadylaw – S1 Business 2019
Wenantdo – S1 Business 2019
Gusti Ngurah Putu Sugiarta – S1 Branding 2021
Anisa Bahiroh – S1 Branding 2021
Della Bianchi – S1 Branding 2021

1st place & 5th place winners in Brand UI Business Case Competition 2021
In this competition, Bosch Power Tools Indonesia acted as the case distributor. Participants were challenged to develop a marketing strategy for this company.

Brigita Zefanya – S1  Business  2019
Michael Louis Setiadi – S1  Business  2019
Jefferin Handiokho – S1  Business  2019
Francist Julian Alexander Tampi – S1  Business  2019

3rd place winner in Management Business Plan Competition 2021
This competition challenges one’s creativity in creating viable and innovative business ideas that comply with ethical business principles. At the same time, those ideas are easily practiced and able to overcome general business problems.

Clarissa Novianty Ishen – S1 Business 2018

1st place winner in Pubg Mobile Campus Championship: Campus Ambassador 2021
First Place PUBG Mobile Campus Championship (PMCC) 2021: Regional SEA Campus Ambassador.

Bintang Srimawlang – S1 International Business Law 2021
3rd place winner in Winner EERIE National English Competition 2021

Bernike Age Sudiono – S1 Business 2018
Elizabeth Natasya Kesuma – S1 Business 2018

3rd place winner in Ecofast Business Plan Universitas Indonesia 2021
This competition carries the theme of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) creative economic growth which in high hopes will encourage Indonesia’s young generation to innovate and to participate in the country’s economic growth through simple, but easy to apply ideas.

Agatha Kenan – S1 Food Business Technology 2019
Tarisha Herry Lokito – S1 Food Business Technology 2019
Vitalia – S1 Food Business Technology 2019

2nd place winner in Young Entrepreneur Days 2021 Universitas Indonesia
In this competition, students delivered a business idea called Granoe, an instant jali-jali cereal-based drink. Granoe is packaged in the form of cereal powder which previously has been processed through a spray-dry machine. This product is packaged in self-heating portable cups that can be served in a simple way.

Kezia Taslim – S1 Business 2019
Evelyn Nathania – S1 Business 2019

Best Solution Winner – Invention 2021
In this Business and Marketing Case Competition, students provide solutions to a given real case-study from one of the largest companies in Indonesia, Nutrifood LOKALATE.

Kharis Satria Mudali – S1 Branding 2019

1st place winner in Category Gum Hyung Senior A and Third Winner Category Hyung Senior A – 2nd Online Hapkido Indonesia Open Championship 2021

Ari Ananda Tarigan – S1 Hospitality Business 2020

3rd place winner in Digital Agrosociopreneur Competition 2021
In this competition, Ari Ananda had the opportunity to work in a group of seven with students from IP University, Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra, Lampung University, and the Indonesian Institute of Education. The innovation created by these students in this competition is called “PUPUK LISA” which is a banana peel waste organic fertilizer. This initiation of this product is planned to be developed with external partners. “PUPUK LISA” project has brought Ari Ananda and his team to 3rd place in this competition.

Jessica Widjaja  – S1 Branding 2019
Carolina Dee Aquilerra  – S1 Branding 2019
Clarissa Regina Feryanto  – S1 Branding 2019
Marcellia Argashie  – S1 Branding 2019

2nd place winner in National Business Case Competition 7th Closer 2021
In this competition, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s students no longer held to acquiring strategies to reduce sales and marketing costs but succeeded in highlighting loyalty and retention strategies.

I Dewa Agung Ary Aditiya Wibawa – S1 Software Engineering 2019
I Komang Candrika Kumara – S1 Product Design Engineering 2019

Grand Winner Award in World Innovative Science Project Olympiad 2021 – Indonesia Scientific Society
In this competition, our students created the innovation of the “Prediction and Scheduling System for Cayenne Pepper Planting through the Mathematical Model of the Balinese Saka Calendar.”

Ari Ananda Tarigan – S1 Hospitality Business 2020

In this competition, Ari Ananda created an innovative product called “PUPUK LISA” which is a banana peel waste organic fertilizer. This initiation of this product is to be developed with external partners who are in the fertilizer industry. With this project, students learn to develop the enormous potential that exists in Indonesia and actively participate in community activities.

Made Yogi Windu Saputra – S1 Business 2019
Michael Louis Setiadi – S1 Business 2019
Jefferin Handiokho – S1 Business 2019

These students succeeded in developing the idea of ​​a marketplace startup, Business Alley, that connects Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) actors with B2B-based vendor providers in Indonesia. This idea arose from previous problems that were experienced by MSME and the B2B potential market in Indonesia.

Ghina Tsabitanisa Kusumajadi – S1 Business 2019
Audry Gita Amanda – S1 Business 2019
Muhammad Rizki Akbar – S1 Business 2019

Our students successfully created business ideas in the form of food technology products that are practical and environmentally-friendly. At the same time, these ideas promote Indonesian traditional cuisine, and also provide solutions to one aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals, namely Good Health and Well Being.

Febrina Budiarti – S1 Accounting 2020

Febrina brilliantly innovated Fulola as a way to reduce the amount of vegetable waste in Indonesia and to increase the level of children’s vegetable consumption. Fulola is an interactive reading book that contains plant seeds from vegetable waste that can be planted.
in the form of an interactive reading book containing plant seeds from vegetable waste that can be planted.