Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s students accomplished many national and international level achievements.

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The beginning of the year was opened brightly with various student achievements, both at the national and international levels. Shall these accomplishments motivate and inspire more students to reach further success!


Felix Pratama Tjipto – S1 Internatinal Business Law 2018

3rd place international level winner in International Student Colloquium 2021 Competition
Felix wrote a Legal Essay with the title “The Impact of Fintech-Based Digital Cooperatives on the Security of Customers’ Personal Data and Its Effect on National Defense”.

Amanda Angellica – S1 Finance & Banking 2018
Audrey Celia – S1 Finance & Banking 2021

1st place winner and Best Speaker in Unpam National Stock Case Competition: Anniversary 3.0
In this competition, our students constructed a financial report and provided analysis for TAPG issuers.

Ferian Phungky – S1 Finance & Banking 2021
Amanda Angelica – S1 Finance & Banking 2018
Audrey Celia – S1 Finance & Banking 2021

2nd place winner in Airlangga Capital Market National Research Competition ACMRC 2021
To analyze the company, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s students compose comprehensive financial reports for LINK issuers.

Joanne Xaviera –  S1 Finance & Banking 2021
Karenza Auriel Manatha –  S1 Finance & Banking 2021
Philea Evangelista Christy –  S1 Finance & Banking 2021
Vanessa Indra Marcella –  S1 Finance & Banking 2021

2nd place winner in International Student Entrepreneurship Business Case Competition 2021
In this competition, students developed BASF’s marketing strategy for an expansion to rural areas in Java and formulate strategies to optimize the supply chain. In addition, they also conducted an in-depth analysis of the economic attributes of the BASF framework and a life cycle assessment for one of BASF’s products, Storm® (a rodenticide based on Flocoumafen).

Reynanda Adhima Purwoko – S1 Business Mathematics 2018
Michael – S1 Business Mathematics 2018
Vinnie Leyticia Daniella – S1 Business Mathematics 2018

1st place winner in Financial Planning Competition – Indonesia Capital Market Festival
In this competition, students deepen and apply the knowledge they have received from lectures, courses, or internship experiences about investment and insurance then use it to produce financial recommendations that are personalized to the client’s needs.

Angelique – S1 Business 2021
Natasya Aurelia – S1 Business 2021
Pingkan Nova Ryanti – S1 Business 2021

2nd place winner in Lokalate Marketing Competition 2021
Through this event, students learn various kinds of effective marketing strategies and apply them directly to a merchant. Students are also challenged to find strategies to develop UMKM directly, increase product brand awareness, and get the opportunity to manage merchant social media accounts.

I Ketut Danta – S1 Product Design Engineering 2019
Angelina Love Valentine Ku – S1 Product Design Engineering 2020

Gold Award in International Design Awards 2021
In this competition, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s students did collaborative work with Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) students to build a chair that was named FlipX. This product was created at the SUTD x UPM Virtual Joint Program which was held on 21-28 August 2021. This multifunctional chair combines the essence of a chair with the functionality of sports equipment.

Kharis Satria Mudali – S1 Branding 2019

1st place winner in 2021 Hapkido Hong Kong Online Open
On this occasion, Kharis took part in 2 categories, namely GEOM HYEONG MALE JUNIOR 3 and HAPKI HYEONG MALE JUNIOR 3. Geom Hyeong is a Hapkido movement that uses a weapon; a wooden sword. Meanwhile, Hapki Hyeong is a Hapkido movement without the use of weapons.

Maria Inge Kristi –  S1 Finance & Banking 2019
Nisrina Tsaniya Khansa Kahfi –  S1 Finance & Banking 2019
Sandrina Lo –  S1 Finance & Banking 2019

3rd place winner in Unida Entrepreneur Days: International Business Case Competition 2022
“Build on Innovative and Profitable Business in The Digital Era” was the theme of this competition. On this occasion, students created a strategy to empower the FMCG sector that is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and provided innovative and creative digital technology solutions and ideas.