Building Professionalism for Maintaining Cultural Diversity and Enriching Perspectives on Campus

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It is common knowledge that campus life does not solely revolve around in-class theories and practice in the field. Students need to be given enough opportunities to develop themselves too. One competence every student must develop early is professionalism. By applying professionalism in everyday life, students will be able to achieve desired targets, for example graduating from college one time.

Professionalism is often described as a behavior or attitude that shows high virtue or quality to achieve targets or goals by coming forward with good character. One of the professional attitudes that can be carried out by students on campus, including business management major students, is wearing polite and neat attire and abiding by the university rules. Students can also apply professionalism by expressing opinions or suggestions in front of many people with appropriate language and tone.

The explanation above shows that professionalism is tremendously useful when students start a career. In a study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, it is stated that as many as 97.5 percent of responders answered that professionalism is very important for the success of new employees. In addition, professionalism is also important to maintain cultural diversity on campus. Let’s further discuss its importance:

  1. Broadening the personal and professional perspective
    The broadened perspective will enable students to analyze things from many angles. In addition, it can also challenge students’ critical thinking skills and foster a more inclusive and open approach to a world full of diversity.
  1. Improving Cultural competence
    Developing cultural competence is definitely essential in an environment full of diversity; for both personal and professional life. In addition, it can support the ability to adapt to campus life. More importantly, it is also going to be important for students when further along the way they have to adapt to companies filled with various backgrounds.
  1. Enriching learning experience
    Professionalism will also enable students to incorporate various perspectives into the learning environment so that they can enrich their knowledge and experience.
  1. Fostering critical thinking, creativity, and innovation
    Challenging and fostering critical thinking skills enables students to think more creatively so that they are able to present new and useful innovations to society.
  1. Developing global citizenship
    As the world has become globalized, students must prepare themselves to become professionals who are able to work across international borders to achieve success in an international scope. Students need to develop a global mindset, adapt to various cultures, and be ready to work with professionals from various countries. These skills are going to be much needed so students can contribute to a global society.

Campus programs for learning and applying professionalism

With the reasons explained above, every campus must provide various programs to shape students’ professionalism. Universitas Prasetiya Mulya owns many programs to support students so they can learn and apply professionalism to maintain cultural diversity on campus. More importantly, they will carry the habit of professionalism after they graduate. There are numerous training and discussions with diverse topics that students can attend. With these events, students are able to exchange ideas and view situations from varied perspectives. 

Students can also attend cultural events or celebrations on campus to learn many things about Indonesian and international culture and traditions. In addition, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya provides a study abroad program for students who have an interest to study or do research abroad. Students can absolutely gain many benefits when studying abroad, such as widening international connections, experiencing a new and different culture, improving foreign language skills, and being able to develop soft skills. Another program that students can try is to volunteer in the community with individuals who have different backgrounds.

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