The Important Role of Mentors in Students’ Successful Learning on Campus

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Peran mentor dalam kesuksesan belajar mahasiswa Prasmul

College students commonly have high enthusiasm towards life, but they certainly lack experience. Therefore, in making decisions they need guidance from mentors who are more experienced. This is especially true for college students who plan to build a business while they are in college or after graduation. The presence of the right mentors on campus is crucial to be successful during college and after graduation.

One university that puts a high emphasis on mentor programs for its students is Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. The mentor program at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya is important because starting in the first semester, students are encouraged to create businesses, that range from businesses in fashion, technology, food, and beauty industry, in groups. The process is of course complex and needs constant guidance from experienced mentors.

When building business concepts and strategies, students are accompanied directly by mentors who have business-related backgrounds. Research conducted by Moving Ahead in 2017 mentions that 87% of people who have mentors will have greater self-confidence than those who do not have ones. Let us discuss the many reasons why mentors’ presence and assistance are important for students’ success in campus learning:

  1. Constant guidance and support
    Mentors constantly provide support by sharing learning strategies and assisting in the process of selecting business products and career planning. The most suitable mentors for this purpose might be faculty members, campus senior members, or academic advisors.
  1. Professional networking and career development
    Having a well-suited mentor will enable students to broaden their professional network and career development. These mentors will provide guidance and support in selecting internships, recommending professional connections and job opportunities. Mentors for this purpose might be alumni, counselors at career centers, or professional practitioners.
  1. Personal support
    Our mentors will listen to students’ personal and professional struggles and give encouragement to them. The most suitable mentors for this purpose might be the students’ seniors, CDC counselors, and student affairs staff.
  1. Leadership and skills development
    The existence of mentors will provide opportunities for all students from all majors, including International Business Law S1 Study Program, to be involved in various on-campus activities. The goal is of course to train students’ leadership skills while at the same time developing other soft skills.

Get yourself the most suitable mentors!

The first way in getting a mentor is by asking professors, lecturers, or academic advisors. Another strategy is to attend campus or alumni events, so students can meet professionals and seniors who might become their mentors.

Students are also encouraged to join student organizations to have a greater chance of meetings leaders or advisors who can be their next mentors while studying on campus. Mentors can also come from students’ personal networks, ranging from family members, friends, or individuals in a community who have experience and expertise in certain fields. 

Having evaluated the important roles of mentors on campus, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya provides a mentoring program for all batches. Besides undergraduate students, postgraduate students can also take advantage of this program. Thus, MM applied business analytics students can also choose the right mentors so that they can have a smoother process in getting their master’s degree.

Apart from the mentoring program, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya also provides other beneficial programs, such as the scholarship program. With these various programs, prospective students need not hesitate to register at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.