Various Important Guidelines for Students Who Want to Work in Startups

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Panduan bekerja di startup

The current technological advancements have spurred the emergence of numerous startup companies. This has led to the birth of startups spread across Indonesia. According to data released by the Indonesia Startup Association in 2021, there were more than 2,000 operational startup companies in Indonesia. More precisely, there are 2,492 startups in Indonesia, according to data from Startup Ranking as of May 10, 2023. This data places Indonesia at the sixth position globally in terms of the number of startups, surpassing Germany and France.

The increasing number of operational startups significantly impacts the investments they receive. In 2020, startup companies in Indonesia secured investments of USD 8.2 billion or approximately 115 trillion Indonesian Rupiah, as per e-Conomy SEA data from 2021. Such substantial investments can be achieved across various levels of startup companies, from unicorns to decacorns and even hectocorns.

Startups at the lowest level of this hierarchy are called unicorns, with valuations reaching USD 1 billion or approximately 14 trillion Indonesian Rupiah. Above unicorns, there are decacorn startups with valuations of up to USD 10 billion or around 140 trillion Indonesian Rupiah. The highest valuations belong to hectocorn startups, with valuations exceeding USD 100 billion or over 1,400 trillion Indonesian Rupiah.

Indonesia’s success in attaining the sixth position globally is undoubtedly attributed to various popular sectors within startup companies. The first and most popular sector in Indonesia is fintech, or financial technology. This sector’s popularity is driven by products that reach a broad audience anytime and anywhere. Another popular sector is e-commerce, which addresses everyday consumer needs. Additionally, the logistics sector has gained popularity due to the increasing number of online transactions through e-commerce startups.

Considering the current developments in startup companies, many students are becoming interested in pursuing careers in startups. This includes students from various disciplines at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, including Accounting graduates. Before embarking on their careers, students must understand several ways to prepare themselves to be accepted by their dream startup companies.

Ways to Prepare for Acceptance at Dream Startup Companies

1. Build a Network

The first step for students is to continuously build a network during their studies. Networking is essential for students, benefiting them throughout their academic journey and in their future careers. There are several ways to expand your network, starting with connecting with close contacts, participating in student activities, attending various seminars, being open to meeting new people, and utilizing social media.

2. Master Soft Skills

Equally important to networking is mastering soft skills. There are many soft skills to learn, including communication, work ethics, leadership, decision-making, discipline, and effective screen time management. To acquire these skills, students can begin by participating in social activities, joining campus organizations, and enrolling in courses both on and off-campus.

3. Take Internships

Another strategy for students to prepare effectively before working in a startup is to take internships. Internships offer several benefits, including gaining valuable experience, enhancing personal skills, expanding their network, boosting confidence, and opening future job opportunities.

4. Utilize the Career Development Center (CDC)

Students can also benefit from their university’s CDC, available to students from all majors. By utilizing the CDC, students receive education to enhance their competencies and abilities, making them feel more prepared and mature for entry into their dream startup companies.

The various approaches mentioned above can be immediately applied by students to compete with others in the job market. As one of the leading business schools in Indonesia, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya also offers the best programs to help all students compete and excel in various companies, including startups. By choosing Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, it will undoubtedly be the right decision for success in both business and career.