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Prasmul InspiraTalk: RUN THE WORLD, GIRLS!

Inspirations Around the World of Industry from Outstanding Women

With the increasing sophistication of technology, more and more women welcome skills and knowledge that used to be synonymous with men. Both as engineers and CEOs, women have the same abilities and opportunities in the industrial world. Themed Run The World, Girls!, InspiraTalk has invited outstanding Indonesian women who can provide insight and inspiration regarding the role of women in the world of work.

Talking about the role of women in the world of work, Mrs. Desy Sulistyorini. S.E., M.M. as the President Director of PT Angkasa Pura Supports and alumni of MM Prasmul’s Program, stated that “When choosing to become a career woman, we must be able to manage the time between family and career. Because no matter how high our position in the workplace, when we return home, we will still be housewives”. She said that it is very important to have multitasking abilities and to set priorities between work interests and personal interests (in this case, family) as a career woman.

In addition, Yosephine Devina as the Key Account Manager of P&G and Prasmul’s S1 Branding alumnus also gave her opinion on the role of women in the world of work. Devina stated that multi-role is very important, “of course as a woman you have to be a person who can do this and that, even though I am not married, I certainly still have a family that I have to maintain, especially now that I am being placed outside the region,” she said.

Devina will always try to finish her work on weekdays, while on holidays she takes full time to rest, communicate with her family and close friends.

During the discussion, Asyifa Latief as the Former Member of Deputy II of INASGOC, as well as a Prasmul Postgraduate Student also shared her experience about how to overcome distractions during the process of carrying out her role as a career woman, namely by “unplug yourself from social media for a while, this aims to make ourselves focus more on completing our work,” she said.



“Education affects careers, how we build relationships with colleagues, clients, our character and way of thinking formed because of this educational”



Mrs. Desy, who has been involved in the professional world for 28 years, stated that pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate education was a moment that shaped her to become a female leader.

In the same discussion session, Asyifa also stated “when we are going to work in a new place, make sure we are armed with knowledge, and prove our good intentions so that the environment is also comfortable working with us.”

The Special Qualities of a Female Leader

“Women by nature not only multitask but also care deeply.”

According to Devina, the most important thing as a leader is task-oriented, and as a leader, she must also be able to understand the condition of all his team members. So far, she has always tried to be a good partner and understand her team members.

This event ran smoothly and got high enthusiasm from the participants. Hopefully, this event can inspire women to build careers in the world of work.

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