Jamming Session with Prasmulyan: Study S1 Event Program at Prasmul While Running a Hobby

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Jamming Session with Prasmulyan is one of the new programs that is broadcast via Instagram Live on the official Instagram account of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya (@prasmul). In this event, the audience will be entertained by Prasmulyan representatives, listening to sharing interesting experiences while being a student at Prasetiya Mulya.

Last week (12/22/2020), Sabrina Dewi Indra (S1 Event 2019) and Savio Darmento (S1 Business Mathematics 2018) were present to entertain the audience through their musical performances.

Joined in Student Activity Club (SAC) Svara Prasetiya, Sabrina and Savio expressed their excitement. “Many projects were entrusted to me during my time at SAC, such as graduation and major seminars. Memorable!” cried Sabrina. Even during the pandemic, they are still actively practicing virtual choirs, bringing them to the “Singing Through The Screen” virtual concert. Watch the excitement on Svara Prasetiya’s Youtube channel.

The most memorable time was when Svara participated in the Bandung Choir Festival competition and won a gold medal. Actually, in previous years, Svara often participated in competitions and even won in Hong Kong,” said Savio.

At the end of the session, they were happy to share information for Prasmulyan candidates, ranging from campus life, time management, to majoring in Prasmul.
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Telling a little about her choice of college, Sabrina said, “Events are actually fun if you like them too. If I entered the Events major because I really liked it from the start, I really wanted to study at Prasmul at first, but I was still confused about what major to take, then there was an S1 Event and it was really unique, so I just entered the S1 Event. The problem is that the Events department is only available at Prasmul, not at other campuses. There’s a lot to learn during semester 3, not just theory, like semesters 1 and 2 have made events, later even semesters will also make their own events.” 

After almost an hour accompanying and entertaining the audience, before closing the event, Sabrina gave a little announcement from Prasmul regarding the Open Registration schedule which will take place from 22 December 2020 to 25 January 2021, besides that the Admission Test will be held on 31 January