STEM Prasmul: Empowering Renewable Resources and Energy at Enlit Asia 2023

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People, from countries are coming together to address the climate crisis and build a future. Enlit Asia recently organized an event in Indonesia that brought together than 300 exhibitors from Southeast Asias energy and power sector. This gathering, held at ICE BSD City from November 14 16 2023 aimed to enhance knowledge and promote business opportunities, in energy management and hybrid energy transition.

Dr. Stevanus Wisnu Wijaya, Ph.D., the Dean of the School of STEM Prasmul brought an atmosphere to the Enlit Asia event where he served as a speaker in a seminar and workshop centered around “Revitalizing the ASEAN Energy Retail Markets, for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction.”

“It is part of our (Prasmul’s) duty to support the development of clean energy in Indonesia,” Dr. Stevanus Wisnu Wijaya expressed in his opening remarks. He introduced Prasmul as one of the higher education institutions offering undergraduate programs exploring renewable energy (S1 Energy Business Technology). “We see that Indonesia has the potential and resources for new energy, but we lack human resources.”

With Indonesia’s large population and Generation Z entering the productive age, Dr. Stevanus Wisnu Wijaya believes there is an opportunity to expand the field of education to create various innovations in new energy sources. Moreover, with corporate partners and diligent Prasmul students seeking opportunities, it is believed that Prasmul graduates can empower renewable energy for the future of Indonesia and the greener global community.

Enlit Asia featured Board Expert MKI Ali Herman, President Director PT PLN ICON+ Ari Rahmat Indra, Head (Solutions), Retail Division Tenaga Nasional Berhad Mohamed Azrin Mohamed Ali, and Mirabou Energy James Reynolds CEO.

In the same event, the Energy Business Technology program students discussed the future of sustainable energy solutions and innovations with Evy Haryadi, Director of Transmission and System Planning at PLN.

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