Strategies to Create a Balanced Student Life on Campus

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eate a Balanced Student Life on Campus the Prasmul Way!

Stress and depression are not only exclusively experienced by productive-age people who have entered the world of work or business. According to research conducted on 646 students by Kompas in June 2019, it was revealed that 86.8% of respondents said they had experienced stress due to their study. What’s worse is that 36% of them admit that they often experience situations that trigger further depression. Some of them mention that the causes of stress often come from too many assignments, worries about test scores, and constraints related to lecturers. This phenomenon shows that students must be able to create a balanced life on campus to avoid the risk of stress and depression. 

The Reason Behind the Importance of a Balanced Life for Students

Beyond achievement and career preparation, Prasetiya Mulya also pays special attention to students’ life balance on campus. As one of the best business universities in Indonesia, Prasmul is genuinely concerned about this matter due to these reasons: 

  1. A balanced life will definitely produce happier students who can maintain their well-being and mental health.
  2. The balance in life is directly proportional to the increase in academic performance.
  3. Students’ opportunities to build interpersonal skills and engage in social activities are increasingly wide open.
  4. With a healthy balanced life, students will be more responsible and self-disciplined in managing themselves which will become a useful provision when starting a career development.

Various Effective Ways to Create a Balanced Student Life on Campus

Achieving a balance of life on campus is possible when Prasmulyans practice the following effective ways:

  1. Set priorities and manage schedules in a balanced way

Doing college activities has made Prasmulyan adept at setting priorities and managing daily schedules. Lectures and assignments must be balanced with other useful activities outside of academic affairs.

  1. Participate in the Student Activity Unit (UKM) actively

Besides providing the best business study facilities, Prasmul also consistently develops Prasmulyans’ interests and talents through various UKM or extracurricular activities. Prasmulyans are given the freedom to choose artistic and skill, sports, or personal development activities according to their individual wishes.

  1. Meet the need to socialize

Aside from developing abilities and skills, students also need time to socialize. Therefore, establishing a healthy interaction with fellow students, campus staff, and lecturers is a crucial thing that must be met. Therefore, Prasmul constantly strives to create social interaction among these many parties in various ways. One concrete example is the creation of collaborative assignments among the students of International Business Law Program, School of Business and Economics (SBE) Program, or School of Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Program. It is with high hopes that this interesting collaboration will allow students to make lots of new friends as well as initiate the next collaboration opportunities.

  1. Make the most of campus resources

Prasmul provides various resources to support a balanced student life on campus, namely the library, Career Development Center (CDC), and counseling services. Every student is expected to make the most of these resources to improve their own quality and build positive relationships with the people around them. 

  1. Stay connected with family and friends off campus

The lecture routine is important for Prasmulyan. However, what’s more, important is the interactions with family and friends outside the campus that must be maintained so that Prasmulyans have the opportunity to improve themselves and are able to view the world from different perspectives.

One other crucial thing that can help Prasmulyan achieve a balanced life on campus is being flexible and realistic in setting targets.

By trying the strategies above, Prasmulyans are able to have a balance between campus and personal life without causing excessive and unnecessary stress. Let’s become a more competent and fun individual with Prasmul!