Strategies to Develop Your Professionalism Starting from Day One on Campus!

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Cara mengembangkan profesionalisme sejak di kampus ala Prasmul

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that in 2023 Indonesia’s unemployment rate will occupy the 59th position out of 100 countries with a percentage of 5.3%. This estimation is similar to the data collected from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) which states that in February 2023 the percentage of the Open Unemployment Rate (TBT) is at 5.45%. Even though there is a 0.35% decrease in comparison to the TBT in February 2022, it is expected that the TBT could go lower as the years go by. 


The unemployment rate in the country is undoubtedly influenced by various factors; one of which is the quality of Human Resources (HR). Efforts to improve the quality of human resources must be initiated through the development of professionalism among college students. As one of the leading business schools in Indonesia, Prasetiya Mulya (Prasmul) is committed to supporting the development of qualified human resources who need to be more than equipped to enter the world of work.

Why Should College Students Develop Their Professionalism?

Optimum professionalism development that is implemented within the campus environment will provide the following benefits:

  1. Better preparation for future career choices

Students are able to identify their own interests and talents with the proper practice of professionalism on campus. The process seems simple, but it is essential because students will be motivated to develop their optimum potential as well as overcome their personal weaknesses while pursuing their academic journey. As a result, students’ intrapersonal intelligence will increase and career planning will be more focused.

  1. Reputation and relationships building

Building a strong self-credibility and reputation while expanding their professional network since the first day on campus are valuable provisions that will support students’ career paths. The chance to reach brilliant career opportunities will be even greater with a solid reputation and a strong wide network.

  1. Maximum campus experience

Campus activities do not revolve solely around teaching and learning processes in class, but also gaining experience through numerous interesting things that are excellent for fostering professionalism spirit. Activities in the field of photography, theatre, and nature will open up great opportunities for students to gain organizational experiences and opportunities to work together in teams.

Prasmul’s Insights on How to Develop Professionalism on Campus

Prasmul understands that each Prasmulyan is a unique individual who has their own talents and character. Differences in these areas are not an obstacle to developing professionalism if Prasmulyans are willing to go the extra mile. Try these strategies to challenge your professionalism:

  1. Develop teamwork skills

The complex world of work requires a lot of interaction and collaboration with people from varied backgrounds. Therefore, teamwork skills must be practiced and developed early through various organizational activities on campus. The various student associations at Prasmul are ready to become a forum where Prasmulyans can share ideas and learn to collaborate with others.

  1. Seek a competent mentor

Prasmul’s consistency in improving student professionalism is also manifested through the Career Development Center (CDC) which plays an important role in honing Prasmulyans’ competence. Through the CDC, Prasmulyans have the opportunity to be paired with competent mentors to thoroughly discuss their future career goals. From these discussions, Prasmulyans are able to obtain adequate information about the world of work as well as develop sturdy career goals. The CDC collaborates with many local prestigious companies in organizing various activities that will be beneficial in developing Prasmulyans’ future career.

  1. Hone technical skills independently

Professionalism is not merely about the ability to collaborate with and adapt to various characters, but also about the technical skills within oneself. Every Prasmulyan has to brush up on their technical skills independently. That is why aside from being involved in teaching and learning activities, Prasmulyans are encouraged to take off-campus courses and certifications and be involved in competitions. Prasmul also tries to facilitate every Prasmulyan to develop their technical skills independently through various concrete efforts. For example, the International Business Law study program holds various workshops in legal fields, such as Legal Due Diligence, Cyber ​​Security, and Regulatory Compliance, as well as International License and Franchise Law. Furthermore, there are also other interesting competitions at Prasmul, such as the Debate Competition, Law Preneurship Race, and Speech Competition.

The dynamic development of the world of work must be balanced with better human resources quality. Therefore, it’s the perfect time for every Prasmulyan to give more effort in increasing their professionalism to achieve a solid career preparation that can balance the realities of the world of work.